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Thanks guys. Yes I guess I'll just have to be patient. And here is said Mallory sported with green fairisle:    You can see that the wool is still quite stiff..
      Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's beautifully made, I just couldn't walk around Tesco's in it.   Agreed that the Debenham is one of the nicer ones. I liked the surgeon jacket too.
My 48 fits perfectly so I'm reluctant to soak it in case it doesn't fit any more.. But I'm trying to break the tweed in a bit to get that softness, so far without success.. Any tips?
Lol.. To be honest with the Scott Collection I wondered whether anyone would actually wear some of the stuff.. Surely anyone wearing the Naval Jacket looks like Captain Stubing?
I had an interesting chat with the sales assistant in Flannels' Liverpool store a few months ago, he was saying that NC is nowhere near as popular in Liverpool as it is in Manchester. (It seems that scousers prefer Moncler...) So they had tons of stock out on the racks, many things which aren't on their site (I think you've mentioned this before..) I got the impression they would be willing to do deals to shift some stock.
Don't remind me.. I paid 85 quid a few weeks ago thinking it was a bargain...   Which it was was to be fair, for something handmade in Scotland from Shetland wool.   55 quid is just giving it away...
They certainly do.. I bought the khaki linen one in 48 and it didn't go anywhere near me.. Whereas most of my other Cabourn is a well fitting 48..
I like those shirts.. Much more accessible pricing too.. I wonder how the quality of a 160 pound shirt compares to the usual ones of 325+?
I haven't seen any new season stock in any online store yet..  I guess it's on its way, I doubt Cabourn will only be sold via their own website..
OK my turn for a hot tip - There's a brown/black Mallory in 52 heading back to Stoy Munkholm. It's not on their site, but I guess if you call them they'll help you out.. It was 50% off, I paid the equivalent of 338GBP for the 48. They were extremely pleasant and helpful.  
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