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Does anybody else find this quite troubling? On lots of websites they give the impression that these shirts are made in England. It kind of flies in the face of the 'real, authentic products' claim if it turns out that it's misleading..   Those plain cricket jackets selling for 250 quid also have a slightly unclear provenance (fabric made in Portugal, etc..) I hope they're not a similar let-down.   I've got nothing against Portugal obviously, but it's the principle right?
PM sent for Linen Mallory! Thanks.
Oh my goodness.   Behold these:   270 GBP..   I think I'm going to wet myself
Well well well! is up and running!   There's a few unique-to-the-website items such as this:     Very exciting stuff
I've got my eye on these grey flannel pants from Old Town:   They look awesome. They show another picture on their blog and the cut looks great too, quite well fitting. Cabourn pants are out of the question for me with their baggy cut. I'm 5'8" and am pretty sure I'd look like a bleeding Oompah Loompah in any of them
You're right about Ushowu and the big ungainly Dutch model doesn't help either.   I'm going to pop in one of these days, Maastricht is only about 45 mins from me, there's quite a bit from SS12 which I've got my eye on, and the prices aren't bad.
Very nice..   I can't help thinking you'll be swamped by gaudy polyester at Wembley though..
Lol, don't be fooled by my location, I'm as English as SEHK's horn buttons ;-)
Yes I hope they hurry up and launch the damn thing, I'm fed up of seeing that moustachioed chap in the orange aircraft jacket
Hey Nick, I was also surprised by your Fair Isle jumper review. I really like mine. It's true that it is a light-weight knit but it has a really soft handle. I don't mind the fact it's machine knitted either. I think if you want a hand-knitted jumper, actually from Fair Isle, you have to budget for these kinds of prices:   Although I have to say I'm much more intrigued by SEH Kelly now.. I...
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