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Has anyone been following the Marrkt Eddie Bauer sale btw? As far as I could tell they didn't sell anything.. But the prices stayed the same..   They were a lot less stubborn with the other sales!  
Raw Yellow Cameraman in 50 for sale guys.. Check out my classifieds!  
Up for sale is this lovely Paul Smith PS men's jacket in very dark grey. It was actually labelled 'charcoal', but to be honest appears brownish in the daylight, maybe because of the brown buttons. The jacket is marked as 40"/R (regular). I wore it a few times last winter but it never fitted me that well. It is basically in perfect condition. The composition is 98% cotton and 2% elastane, but it has a velour feel. You can see this in the photos. Made in Italy,...
Up for sale is a Cabourn Raw Yellow Cameraman (S/S12) in size 50.   Has been worn a few times since last year, but is in outstanding condition. It's just too big for me in the chest, but would be perfect for anyone with a 40" chest measurement.   In case you didn't know already, the upper section of the coat is made of waterproof macintosh fabric (which is rubber bonded) and the lower section is made of a hard wearing linen, backed in canvas. The usual Cabourn...
It's in Newcastle! ;-)   You could get the overnight boat from Zeebrugge lol.
Thanks for the heads up! Might go and have a nose..
Eric's right, I got the same story in Flannels in Liverpool.. The guy said they didn't want to upset animal rights' activists!
We'll forgive Nigel this pecadillo this time.. But suddenly the 160 pound price tag doesn't seem as enticing anymore. Ted Baker shirts are made in Portugal and they're about 60 pounds for goodness sake.   Couldn't he have used that Kent shirtmaker featured on the SEH Kelly site?
Really? In which store? (they've got several in Brussels right?)   Anything interesting?
  Yeah Bellerose is a chain over here. Bizarrely, in most towns they just sell stuff like Docker's and Lee, but in their Brussels stores they (used to) sell Cabourn and other high end things. They haven't had any Cabourn stuff for about 2 years now... :-(
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