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This would be for FW17 and not SS17 correct?
For those of us who are not always up to date on the most awesome styles, and later realize that they missed a preorder for something truly awesome like the Norwegian Rain SS17 preorders, will there be a general stock at the store come release time or are we (am I) out of luck? Thanks!
ah that makes sense. Sounds kind of cool, ill have to try them out
With the Niche easy pants, is it supposed to have a short inseam, or am I just generally too tall for the brand? 
Kind of a weird question, but does anyone know a good way to clean the Marlow Shell wingtips in dark brown? Mine are super comfy and awesome, but the left shoe has a bit of a white...not haze.. but spots. They are as if there is a water spot or some dirt/stain but they don't come off with brushing or Saphir Reno.    Im also looking for a good color matching polish, though should I just go for neutral? Thanks!
How do you like it? Im trying to offload another mountain parka so I can pick a Monitaly up. 
With the S&C cardigans, what's a good method for storage and cleaning? I really want to make sure it doesn't stretch out too much. I got the Diesel Blue from last year and I love it
Up for sale is a brown fishtail jacket by Esemplare. The jacket is beautifully styled, and will come with the original replacement buttons still in the box, as well as tags. The jacket has been worn sparingly, and will be an excellent stylish addition to any wardrobe from fall weather to the coldest winter. Take note that Esemplare fits slim, and as such this jacket fits more like a slim medium. Ive made many purchases from B&S, but to ease the worried mind, my eBay...
Up for sale is a limited edition Barbour x Tokito Mountain Parka from the AW12 line. This accompanied the Skyfall sport coat as one of the most famous collaborations with Barbour in our time. Its a great piece that I'm sad to let go of. Sizing is medium. Comes with the inner liner, which is removable. This is a perfect jacket for a rainy day errand run, or down and dirty work in the outdoors. Ive made many purchases from B&S, but to ease the worried mind, my eBay handle...
Just picked up the Victoria burgundy lambswool cardi... Super excited!
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