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Just picked up the Victoria burgundy lambswool cardi... Super excited!
Just picked up ahs' Marlow, it's my first shell, thanks y'all
Thanks for the info! They are used, but not much. Ive been looking around, it seems like Saphir reno and then a wax polish with some intermittent water use is the move? I want to shine them up and treat them well.
I just purchased a pair of RL Marlow wingtips in shell cordovan. I was wondering what the recommended cleaning/polishing regimen was. Thanks!
Hey everyone. Im looking at buying this jacket to use in the summer, I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on whether it would be comfortable. It says 100% linen but the weave makes me think it might get a little toasty. Otherwise I love the look of the jacket, and I don't really like anything from ovadia ever. Thanks! https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/162041420058
For people on the MTO, about how long did it take to relieve your order if you're in the US? They just shipped my dark brown suede chelseas im so excited😭
It was for the rubber sole version actually. I'd rather have that anyways since its fall - wet, rainy, etc.
I just emailed them when I saw this, they're checking to see if they can. But they have all my info now so it's just a waiting game. Fingers crossed!
Holy ding dong, EMAILING NOW
I REALLY want a pair of the Dark Brown Rapello Suede Chelsea boots. Does anyone know what the status of these boots is? Or a replacement? The color is absolutely DIVINE.
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