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Hi all!   I just purchased a watch, a Triwa Lansen Chrono in Rose Gold. I have dark skin so i figured it should have good contrast without being to gaudy. Im looking for a brown leather watch strap that might look good on it, does anyone have any suggestions? Also, any do's and don'ts for the watch color with pairing clothes? Thanks a bunch!   Watch for reference
How's the sizing on these? TTS or a little larger?
I'm going to a wedding this summer, the attire is black tie. Would a midnight blue tuxedo be appropriate? Specifically, this one by Belvest:
Is there anyway to know the shoulder end to end?
Hey guys! Im really interested in picking up the M39 Varsity with the lightning bolt patch on it. I was wondering if theres any chance that there will be a sale in the near future that will include it? Im new to RRL as a brand. Thank you!
Hey SF. Can anyone point me in the direction of a cheaper shoe similar looking to this one? Thanks!   http://www.eastdane.com/canoe-shoe-quoddy/vp/v=1/1582933413.htm?extid=affprg-3987665_Skimlinks_3987665 
I was recently invited to a wedding this summer on July 4th weekend in DC. The attire is black tie for the first day and business casual for the second. I was wondering if between midnight blue and black, which one I should be looking to roll with. Im interested in the dark navy, but I'm not sure if it would be appropriate for the occasion. Also if anyone has any color/material ideas for the business casual that would be great too. Thanks again SF!
I have never really been able to figure out Thom Browne sizing, do you have any measurements for this piece?
Hi, what is the measurement of the shoulders? Thanks! 
Do you have shoulder measurements for this item? Thanks!
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