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really love the Japanese style mixed with a little bit England
I made a few from Zegna in the past, but recently i make my MTM shirts from timeless tailor, it is a Hong Kong tailor but they have online service you can give it a try
the total look is great but the shirt shoulders doesn't fit
The tailor, a good MTM suit should be all hand-made by tailors
Go with dark brown, burgundy does not match with navy suit.
it's a good article! most of the money spending on MTM suit are actually spending on the workmanship
first, what is your budget?    if budget is not a problem, how about tailor a MTM shirt with best fitting on him   otherwise, you can go to the chain stores to find a suitable style that he wants     anyway, +1 for having a great fitting, quality, solid navy suit.
i think a slimmer shirt looks better on you, tailor a slim cut shirt if you feel comfortable, it can also reduce the amount of shirt fabric pooching out  for the Jantzen collar, the spread is ok, but i agreed that two button collar is a problem for the tie sitting
you may find some tailors who are doing traveling, but location is the problems i would recommend 2 of my favorite tailors & both of them have traveling tour, timeless tailor and indochino you may find if there are any stop that fits you 
Quick question:   Do you guys think MTM suit is worthy?   i enjoy wearing tailored garments, they fit!   except the two of my favorites: A Timeless & L.H.S., any recommendations?
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