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recently i love to match the contrast socks with my shirts or in the same color tone
Good shoes is not just focus on brand name, although sometimes it's equal to the quality   what i call "a pair of good shoes" is shoes that fits you and make you feel confident and comfortable 
if you are poor then i am a beggar, lol   anyway if you are choosing from these two, i prefer the top 1 in black   easy to match with
Medium collar with Tie 1 is good for me!
Check out "Stay Classic" 
you should reduce the chest fabric but not add on the wasit
By the way, do you guys think Obama has a charm and confident! He will win if they wear the same suit
You can wear what you like in campus but in case u want a less formal look but not too casual, try matching jeans with a shirt (without tie for sure!)
one question, wrinkle free or not?
this is really good! love your tie
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