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i personally like Craig  as James Bond, i love his roughness more manly
Double breast is cool and able to enhance the mood
Cargo pants are ok with casual look   When I go travel, I found that some Japanese girl wear their bra out, what!!?
Don't Fxxxing care about others, just wear what you love and want i haven't been to France but I suppose the women dress very well
It's really nice!!
Go buy different types of men's magazines in fashion, and try to get the inspirations from them you can find your own style later then
1st, think of what do you want your wedding suit look like   2nd, go to brick-and-motor store to have a look, if you are not interested go find a tailor to tailoring it for you
a neat simple good quality pants without belt-loops is my fav 
Better do a tailoring one on slim fifting if you have enough budget
Believe in your own style choice!   Be confident! Everyone will have different opinions, take them as your references only, don't care too much   Try not to change the whole look at once but maybe just add on a more formal jacket/blazer to match with jeans and t-shirt   You know what, even you change yourself according to others opinion, there are still more opposite comments   Just let it be and be the most comfortable you!
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