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Go with SOLID, it never out fashion!
I realize that a tailor company has opened a new online shop Anyone have tried their service before?? Any good or bad comments for this company? Please just tell me if posting a video here is not appropriate and I'll delete it immediately!! I really need your opinions, thanks
the chest area is a bit loose
Light colors are good for summer suit, but not white, go with sky blue, apricot, linen Many brands are doing light colors this year, like cosmo tailor, indochino
The color and the design is , but the button stance is weired
too many colors, maybe change the handkerchief to the shirt color
This is good! Try Zara, there're some nice jackets
definitely wool, better a heavy one
Guys, i would like to buy my first Rolex, i like black any suggestions? thanks 
40R is better, you need a tailor made shirts man, the cutting is not totally fit on you
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