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  Thanks, that makes sense.
    Appreciate the feedback. Is there anything in specific that gives them that certain look? The shape of the lenses, width of the arm, the metal details, etc. ?
Just bought a pair of Persol 649 sunglasses, I'm considering returning them and going with one of these Cartier pairs: I don't really trust my judgement since I know very little about what's considered 'good' design with sunglasses. I tried on both of the Cartier pairs and they both fit well, the one on the right might have been a little small for my face.   Anyway, I haven't heard too much about these specific models so I'm assuming they aren't too popular....
I'm interested in this pair from Cartier (model T8200687):   I'm looking for opinions from anybody who owns this particular pair or one of the other sport models. How do they compare in construction/lens quality against a brand like Persol? I've heard Cartier is generally a step above most other sunglasses brands, I'm wondering if that's true...
Just brought home a pair of Testoni cap toes from Saks and noticed something when I looked closer inside. The insole area by the toe seems to be some type of white material (feels like cardboard) that is stitched in, is this standard? This might be normal (and a stupid question) but I'd like to hear from you guys in the forum.   Here's a picture:
I've been reconsidering with the suggestions you guys posted. Any thoughts on...
Thanks for the suggestions.
Thanks, I appreciate the advice!
Here's a picture, the color came out a little lighter because of the flash but the shirt itself is a fairly light shade of purple. I was thinking about buying a pair of moccasins but I read that oxfords are a better choice with this type of suit.
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