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The way he spoke reminded me of the guy from the Dharma Initiative videos on Lost. If I close my eyes it's the same guy.
Woah, turns out some of their measurements weren't even close:     This is from their site:   Size 36S Shoulder 17.7 Chest 40.2 Upper Waist 35.4 Sleeve 32.2 Back Length 28 Waist Trouser 35 Foot Width 7.6   These are from customer...
 Any idea what the actual trouser waist size is on a 36s Washington fit?
Does any one else find it bizarre that the 36s Washington fit suit features 35 inch trousers, per their website fit guide; a ONE INCH DROP??? Has anyone purchased a 36s Washington fit? Is this accurate?
I envisioned Hannibal Lecter on the phone, whispering "you sound nice!"
  You've got my vote.   Now Pranav, before you tell me how nice I sound, please know you cannot wear my skin as part of your next look.   ~Clarice
Well, obviously I made a mistake that's why I'm on here looking for a solution.
Has anyone taken their Jcrew 'secret wash' shirts to the dry cleaner and had them starched? I have done that on a number of shirts and want to know whether repeated starching has completely ruined the 'secret wash' feel or whether I can restore it some how.   Thanks in advance.   X-Post from the ask a question thread.
Deleted. Wrong thread.
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