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Try FX Molding Wax, I practically live on that stuff. I guess the world caught on, it used to sell for like $3 or so, it's almost doubled in price since I started using it, but it lasts a while. Can get your hair to do just about anything, and it lasts. Lot less greasy and "wet" compared to many other products I've tried. You may want to go to a barber and have him do your hair up the way you need it, and pay very close attention to how he does it. It could be the...
Anyone else have the "late night snack" issue? I had this for years, then went to China for 10 days a few months ago and because of lack of access to food late at night, I killed the habit. Came back feeling great, and sleeping better. But it's crept back into my life. I know it's a really bad habit, but it's hard to kick. Late at night is the only time I really get to unwind, house is quiet, put on news or ESPN and grab a snack. Anyone else fighting this beast?
Stemar just started selling online, no Limited Editions showing yet but they are probably coming soon
My family, great kids, two 3 and under, another on the way, beautiful life. Thank God for them
My wife's wonderful meatballs and sauce. The only thing better than mom's Italian cooking, is my wife's now that she's pretty much mastered the recipe! I chose well  
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