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Love the hairclip on the lapel. Why would anyone knock you for that?
Hopefully this doesn't reflect too poorly on my fellow Americans.    
Well, I figured out what pics I'm using. Hopefully they'll meet y'all's approval.
 The same size. The salesman told me that the Havana and the Washington were very similar cuts, and a 40L of both fit me almost perfectly.
So, voting starts soon? I have no idea who I'm going to vote for on this one. Y'all are pretty impressive.
Excuse the silly question, I'm just learning: what really is the difference between Italian and American, or English CBD? I don't really know enough of the details to be able to understand that (except that I love the Italian look).
[[SPOILER]] Here's my humble entry.
 I think the original complaint was that the jacket was too long, but the sleeves were too short. The short jacket trend, as long as I can get long enough sleeves, is great for me. I'm 6'6" with very long arms, but I have a very short torso, so many longer, more conservative jackets look silly on me.
I've always got to wear a belt. Even 32/36s always end up being a little slouchy after a little while, and I need something to hold them up.
Wear the tux, and look good. With a real bowtie, naturally.
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