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That's quite a lot to spend on shoes.. The advantages would be you'd feel a million dollars wearing them and for that price you'd expect them to last for a long time!   However, it'll feel as though someone's taken a piece of your arm if they ever get scuffed and you'll be constantly walking on eggshells. I'd save the money from the upgrade and buy a nice shirt!  
You'll have to wear it unbuttoned as it is a little small. I must say, it's a very daring choice but if worn with confidence you could look really cool! I'd say navy pants instead of white so you don't end up looking like "pimp on a speed boat". Boat shoes would however, look cool with it, maybe yellow like these ones haha or the blue ones http://www.hypedirect.com/mens-c16/trainers-shoes-c19/timberland-1050r-olympic-mens-two-eye-boat-shoes-ss12-yellow-p873 As for a...
I think it can work! Maybe not day to day, but definitely for an event or to a business meeting etc. Just make sure the tie isn't too wide!  
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