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Saw these and fell in love...what are peoples thoughts?   This is the only decent size photo I could find!
When I bought my coffee eatons from re trickers on ebay, I spoke to the guy there (I think he might also be call Richard) and he told me to always polish them using black wax polish. He said that any brown polish would turn them a baby poo colour. At first I was a bit dubious, but he was right. I use sapphire black wax on mine and they look great.
Decided to give my Coffee stow's a little clean and polish...
anything in burgundy burnished gets my vote....a stubby stow...or any kind of boot really!!!
I have a pair of stows, in coffee, and use medium brown saphir polish on them. It seems to work alrite, but I want to darken the toe and heel and am a bit torn on what colour polish to go for, dark brown, havana or bordeaux, any advise would be very welcome!
Anyone interested in doing a mto in burgundy burnished in a stubby stow.....or any kind of boot really, has my vote. I love that colour!
Hi   I have a pair of stow in coffee, an got saphirs medium brown for them. It seems to be alrite, but I really want to darken the toe and heel, wasnt sure weather to go with dark brown, havana or Bordeaux. Can anyone that has used these colours or got a pair of trickers in coffee burnished give me a bit or advice?   thanks
I loved the short stows in burgandy, i would be well up for a group mto, in something like that!
Hi, I read about the made to order long wing on here in July, the mixed leather longing. I liked it and place an order directly with Richard, the shoe healer. I recieved these shoes today and they are not what I expected. I have read back through all the blog posts about this made to order and everyone says lie the end co shoes, exactly like them. But what I received is different. The smooth leather is on the vamp, with the grained leather above and below it, not like the...
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