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why did this thread die? did I miss something?
what is this beautiful thing and where can i find it
I've had mine for well over a year and have no such issues. may have only washed them a couple times but they look good as new.
 the color is awesome, just do it.
 that's just not how they do.
I exchanged new OGs for Climbers because of pocket flare on the former. Climbers are much slimmer in the leg at my true size (31), slightly loose in the waist. actually perfect. no pocket flare problem with the Climbers despite being slimmer fit. I also squat so there's that.
the 31's aren't tight around my thighs nor across the seat, yet they flare just as bad as the 30's
prev pic is the 30's, these are 31's. what is with these goddamn pockets?
purchased my first pair of New OGs in 30 and 31.   31 is just plain too big, 30 seems just right but the pockets flare. is this typical for the pants?
I bought the ultralights the day they dropped. Probably worn ~1x/week since then, air travel to office to bars, still flawless.
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