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These are sold, but to answer your question. Yeah, Viberg's fit large. This size 10 fit like an 11 or so.
Sold for 435 dollars.   I might sell a 2nd pair soon.
Viberg 1950 Service Boot. Brogue Toe Cap. Smooth Brown. 4014 White Christy Vibram Sole. Size 10, Viberg is UK Sizing. So, UK Size 10. Fit like US Size 11s.   I am selling these brand new because I also own a pair in size UK 9 that fit my foot size better. There is nothing wrong with these boots.   Boots still have original tags on them, and original box. Boots are in a flawless condition.   Selling at 400 shipped.   Will ship to US and Canada...
Honestly, the pants, which you seem to be concerned with most, are fine. The jacket however seems a tad large. Lord Mulberry hit on it with his last sentence, and I also think that shoulders/sleeves allow a little too much room. I do understand that you don't want to restrict movement, and since it's your first slim fitting suit, a tighter jacket will feel weird, but it would be much more flattering in my opinion.
Ah I see.   Well at least one of my feet will fit snugly (my right foot is almost a full size larger than the left).   Thanks for the response in a week old thread.  
PM'd you.
I have ordered a pair of 1950 Service boots. I was curious about sizing as many people have seemed to be.   I wear a US10/UK9 in Doc Martens and those fit very tight.   Will a US10/UK9 in 1950's fit larger or similar to the Doc Martens?
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