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    Wearing this to work today...
  Not the models. The majority of the models are simplistic and iconic. They could be worn 30-40 years ago and have the same prestige as today.   I meant the people who would wear them. I have no idea where I picked up the stupid stereotype. 
  It's not about the watch at all. It's about how you wear it and carry yourself.   I have a watchbox FILLED with watches... the one I've kept for the past 20 years is a 1986 Citizen Yachtmaster. A friend of mine gave it to me and I've kept it. The crystal has scrapes on it, the original rubber strap is missing... it's probably worth $10 to someone else. I wear it on NATO and when someone asks me what it is I'll introduce it like I'm wearing one of my IWC or Bell & Ross...
  Tomorrow I'll be wearing something a little more square... :)
  I have a couple of watches. The amount I would spend on a nice watch winder... I'd rather just buy another watch.   Tudor Chronograph for today.  
I chose to use my introduction post for the watch thread because of my love of watches.   Hopefully I'm not posting in the wrong thread... all the Pateks and Rolexs are intimidating.   Took the day off from work so didn't get out much. Wore my IWC Mark XVI today...   Fun fact: None of my watches ever have the correct date because I'm too lazy to set them.         I was talking to someone earlier in the month about their IWC Perpetual and I THINK he mentioned it was...
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