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LOL, well i do wear jeans every single day. i have a casual work environment.  Gives me a good reason to get a few more low-straights!
Very strange, and i mis-labeled the fits, low-straight not low-slim.  Every pair has worn out in the crotch below the fly...and i'm humble enough to say i'm not that well-endowed!  I bought off eBay, from reputable stores/sellers. Am i just buying the wrong fit? They're less than 3yrs old also. No one else has experienced this?
Anyone have the experience of the jeans blowing out in the crotch? i've had 5-6 pairs of straights and low-slims that i've had each repaired/patched.
Hey Gary,  i'm psyched to see you on here, though it's been a long time. I bought a CP Company leather jkt via eBay in size 52.  It's a short leather jkt with 4 patch pockets in dark brown. My problem is i can barely fit my arms in the sleeves as they're so narrow.  In addition i can hardly button the front as the chest barely reaches together. I'm really disappointed as i love the jacket.  Any recommendation for either selling it to a collector or consigning it? i...
Thanks for the great inside info!  i was able to score a couple fleece pieces i've been wanting for years but couldn't justify at full-price.
i've got a pair of low-straight's in black overdye and never smelled anything remotely sulpher-ish.  from website also.
Thanks for the advice!
Anyone taking advantage of the online RRL sale?  extra 40% off, seems like decent prices on great basics. anyone have thoughts about the sale and if it's much better than eBay or other sources?
the 14yrs i spent working at Louis formed much of my outlook on how to live a quality, authentic life, to appreciate the artisanal. Murray challenged us to push ourselves and clients ever to look-forward. Be brave enough to not follow but lead. He had the rare ability and foresight as a retailer to influence the designers and manufacturers that were trying to sell to him! Above all for me, i worked with a band of brothers, all with a passion for style, taste,...
Sad news from the Menswear world...on the passing of the iconic Murray Pearlstein.  Brought Luciano into the US, and many others too numerous to name. He and Luciano remained life-long friends.
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