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  Gap UK has 30% off outerwear until tomorrow. I like this GQxGapxSaturdays waxed field jacket. I always find Gap UK to be a bit better quality than Gap US but I'm not sure whether £55 (Down from £70-something) is too much for a Gap item.   Should I cop it? Anyone seen it in person?   I know that the internet love Clarks desert boots, but I saw these a few weeks ago too and I kind of like them. What's the consensus? 
  Really nice. Thanks. Are they selvedge as well as raw? I can't quite see.
Looking for a pair of below £100 black selvedge (possibly raw) denim. Don't have the funds at the moment to be splashing out, and it would be my first pair of coloured selvedge so I have no idea who does that well. Only ones I've seen so far would be Naked and Famous on sale. Uniqlo in the UK only seem to do grey and blue at the moment. Although the light blue instead of the red line selvedge on the grey ones looks pretty cool.
Some nice stuff in this thread. I'm looking for something minimal as hell, cafe racer style, slim and black that wont break the bank. Gonna sell my slightly too big Schott to raise some funds for something that actually fits.   Is this genuine?
Can someone recommend me some black raw/selvedge denim that is sub £100. I'm willing to go a bit over for a really good pair but I'm settling for entry level here. Raw is optional, selvedge isn't.   Also a black harrington style jacket without that red barracuta lining.
I've really been thinking about toning down and streamlining my wardrobe even more than it is. I tend to buy things which seem like staples that said, I haven't bought anything for a few months and I'm tired of what I have, some of it is getting worn out, and I'm tired of 90% of the new clothes I see coming out. Does anyone else get disillusioned with fashion sometimes?   So I'm considering streamlining down to the bare essentials. Lots of black and white tees, not...
Woops, double thread post. Got an error message, tried again and then both of them appeared. Sorry about that.
Hi guys. First post, so I put it here so I don't put it in the wrong place and annoy someone.   I just lost this auction on ebay to someone with a sniping programme:   Here's some photos if you can't see the page:               It's a 'vintage' levis blanket lined denim, I'm fairy sure it's genuine although I'm not as good at telling as...
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