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I am looking at the Centennial Hiker.  In need of a boot to take on upcoming backpacking trips next summer.  Anyone have experience with these?   What about hiking in SD's that have an aggressive sole?   I have a pair of 8" rebuilt smoke jumpers but worried they are too heavy for long mountain hiking.  
 i probably wore them 30 - 40 times during the cooler months.  just getting back into them now.  the leather does not show any crease at all - it is very stiff.  i do use wooden shoe trees so i think that helps.  here's the build: Black SharkStandard lastBlack eyelets with hooksBlack liner - cut off topBlack heal and edgesMedallion toe capStandard Cuban heelSize 9.5 D No pull tabSingle stitchingRegular leather soleSingle mid-sole
so I've had these black shark SD's for about a year.   they started off real black but are now taking on more off a silver/gray/black shade, which i really like.  i haven't oiled or done anything to them yet.  the shark leather is quite tough and just now starting to get a bit supple.  would recommend if you want exotic.      
  My White's shelf. . . . Left to right: Dress Browns, British Tans, Black Shark, Black Smoke Jumpers, Sno Cats.  
Shark Attack - the fit and finish is perfect.    
Responding to British Tan or Classic Brown.  Just so happens that I have a pair of each - had them for about a year now.  The Classic Brown is a deep rich brown - the British Tan is a more orangey color.  Even though I really love the Classic Browns the British Tans have grown on me since I first got them.  The color has deepened with age and has taken on a bit of patina.  Here are some shots of the two side by side.  (Sorry for the bad photo work)  ...
Allan - do you know if you can ask to have the stiching in black vs. the normal white?  After looking at the pictures that ewing sent I think you're right - the double white stiching looks like it will detract from the look I am going after.  
Is this picture the black shark?  it looks kinda brown but maybe it is just the lighting.  the close-up pictures look more black.  awesome looking leather. 
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