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  My White's shelf. . . . Left to right: Dress Browns, British Tans, Black Shark, Black Smoke Jumpers, Sno Cats.  
Shark Attack - the fit and finish is perfect.    
Responding to British Tan or Classic Brown.  Just so happens that I have a pair of each - had them for about a year now.  The Classic Brown is a deep rich brown - the British Tan is a more orangey color.  Even though I really love the Classic Browns the British Tans have grown on me since I first got them.  The color has deepened with age and has taken on a bit of patina.  Here are some shots of the two side by side.  (Sorry for the bad photo work)  ...
Allan - do you know if you can ask to have the stiching in black vs. the normal white?  After looking at the pictures that ewing sent I think you're right - the double white stiching looks like it will detract from the look I am going after.  
Is this picture the black shark?  it looks kinda brown but maybe it is just the lighting.  the close-up pictures look more black.  awesome looking leather. 
Worked with Kyle at Bakers over the past few weeks and just finalized the order:   Black Shark Standard last Black eyelets with hooks Black liner - cut off top Black heal and edges Medallion toe cap Standard Cuban heel Size 9.5 D  No pull tab Double stitching Regular leather sole Single mid-sole   We were not able to find any pictures of SD's in black shark so I am not sure what they will end up looking like.  I guess I will find out in 3 or...
These boots would be worn more for dress than for work
I am thinking about ordering a pair of black or grey SD's.  The Horoween Chrome Excel look sharp but the Moongrey Bullhide and the Black Shark look really good too.  Maybe there are other options not listed on the Whites web-site?  Looking to get some opinions - bring 'em on boys.   
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