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I believe Bobby used to sell clothes to Kid Creole. When I first met Bobby he talked about him a lot. He also sold clothes to Tony Toni Tone, Echo and the Bunny Men, and the punk band 999.   Boston skinheads (at least the ones I know) seem to really dig 'co-respondent' brogues, but only the Dr. Marten or Gripfast ones. I'm thinking of doing a cherry red and white full wing with NPS using the micro fiber. See how people react to them here. We get a lot of the urban...
People are always asking for them at the shop. I guess as a vintage thing they are very novel, but perhaps not for Skinheads.I feel like it may have been a rude boy thing.
What's everyones opinion on spectator brogues? Did any of the originals on here own a pair in the 60's?
It's legit space age. Super comfortable as soon as you put it on and will last for ages.
They won't let me order one offs. Even though I told them I'd pay extra. They let me order samples when I order a dozen or more of a particular style.
I made these a little more reasonably priced for everyone. Satisfaction or your money back.
Found this today. From what I can find on the internet it was either made for John Simon's or the Japanese market.
I think I ought to work on a microfiber trucker jacket. I'd prefer snaps myself, staying true to the original design.
I'll be receiving these in a week or two.   Brown, ranger Solovair, non-steel toe   Available in sizes UK 7-10 (with half sizes)   £171.75 + shipping  
Yeah, the Rufflanders have a similar last. The boots in the pic are a size 12 I think.
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