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Career Club button down. 
Came across this gem the other day. Deadstock oxford cloth, box pleat and locker loop, but no third collar button. Did Ben, Brutus, or Jaytex ever use this collar shape?     "Gentry" stamped in the collar band  
  Nik Louis button down in 8oz hemp\cotton Life time guarantee Complimentary alterations Free international shipping Made in USA 100 USD
A while ago someone posted a link to a video of a skinhead in a youth club being interviewed. He's wearing a green suede levi jacket. Does anyone remember this and where I can find it?
Any chance Ali had an influence on skinhead style? Check out his docs in 66 
Happy holidays everyone! Thought you might like the new Nik Louis ties that are available.   Navy blue silk/hemp neck tie Life Time Guarantee Free international shipping 35 USD      
I've shipped to Europe and Asia, never had a problem. 
 Don't get me wrong. I have loads of vintage shirts, and yes they're less expensive. But these shirts won't be around forever, and we need this heritage garment to live on. It's like art for me. I see some fabrics that I feel need to be made into shirts, so I do it. In the future we will most certainly be offering a wide range of collars, fits, cuffs, and other details to choose from. We have 60's Brooks Brothers, and Ben Sherman shirts that we plan to use for inspiration...
 We offer free international shipping. Our shirts come in traditional fit, and slim fit. Slim fit, is traditional with darts. We will even pay the tailoring bill if you get alterations done. Also, it's guaranteed. So, if you don't like it, return it! We'll refund your money. Why don't you try one out before you make a final judgement. BTW the blue one has the same collar. Sometimes you have to wear it few times before the fabric loosens up and lets the collar roll more.
 We have a high roll collar on our shirts, you won't find that on the Uniqlo. We have full box pleat down the back. We offer life time guarantee, Uniqlo does not. We use cotton woven in Japan. The team that makes these shirts has been making them in the same factory in Massachusetts since the 60's and I've personally met with them. I would say you could have seen any collegiate in the 60's wearing a tartan button down like that. Just because it's tartan doesn't make it...
New Posts  All Forums: