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Here's the labels from the suit.
This was my favorite suit. I forgot to take pic of the label. I believe it's dated 72. It had 22" bottoms when i got it. Had em made straight leg.
Thanks man, I've been having a hard time.
Levi's store in Boston MA is closing, everything including LVC is 75% off.
Those are most definitely late 60s. Do they have a metal or nyalon zipper?
Career Club button down. 
Came across this gem the other day. Deadstock oxford cloth, box pleat and locker loop, but no third collar button. Did Ben, Brutus, or Jaytex ever use this collar shape?     "Gentry" stamped in the collar band  
  Nik Louis button down in 8oz hemp\cotton Life time guarantee Complimentary alterations Free international shipping Made in USA 100 USD
A while ago someone posted a link to a video of a skinhead in a youth club being interviewed. He's wearing a green suede levi jacket. Does anyone remember this and where I can find it?
Any chance Ali had an influence on skinhead style? Check out his docs in 66 
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