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Most generic tailors would cut and sew the button hole by hand but the better method is to try and find a bespoke tailor with a button hole machine. My guy has it and it's like magic.
Does anyone know anything about this parka?
Looks kinda like he's wearing astronauts
That's a great memory. Do you remember Second Coming records?
I agree it could definitely be a 90s piece but I'm sure I've seen revival pics of kids wearing Fred Perry jackets
I've seen a lot of baracuta jackets made in Taiwan. The ones they made with van huesen. My boss had told me they were 80s and they had the nylon YKK zip. But perhaps it is a late 90s one.
Found this gem today for a song I've only ever seen one other like it with that vent in the back. It's got a nylon YKK zip. I think it's 80s. Does anyone know for sure?
Really like the quilted parka at 1:58. I'd love to find something like that. Anyone know about it? It looks much more chic than the M-51 in my opinion.
I notice regular working class guys around Boston with short hair or shaved heads wearing button downs with crew necks, rolled jeans and brown boots. It's a look I see a lot in the shop I work in.
In Boston you will see groups of Asian college kids (male and female) all in bomber jackets or long coats, Dr martens and rolled up jeans. But they wouldn't have a clue what a skinhead is. Most of the new crop of Skinheads I see here are in the cookie cutter Skinhead style, and some of the older generation are leaning towards the American work wear and heritage style. I'll admit, I put on a herringbone chore jacket yesterday and found that I liked it. It's essentially a...
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