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There is lots of new product at Ivy Threads. Sta-Prest jeans too   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ivy-Threads/109664699170630  
looks like possibly a pair of astronauts? Probably Air Wair
This dude's got a lot of cool shit for sale. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Store-54/189007754475365
Just got real lucky, all my size…      Kind of don't dig the stripy ones and I am not sure if that burnt sienna will work for me. Maybe with a white button down?
You have to send it to a cleaners that specializes in skins and furs
Do you think that's a dog ear collar shirt he's wearing?
Does anyone notice the similarity of 1890's edwardian style suits and the skinhead suits from 69-70?
Do you think some of the clothes they are wearing are from the 60's/ early 70's or did ben sherman make these 4 finger collar shirts up into the late 70's? To bad such a smart looking lot have to be so fucking stupid.
Yes, this is definitely from when the ties started getting a bit wider. Although in movies I've watched from that period, I've seen skinny ties/ lapels worn with huge collars.   Right now I am charging $165 retail for these. I don't want to, and I am still barley making a profit. I hope that in the future when I am producing them on a more regular basis and the business is in motion, I will be able to charge between $90 to $125. I am using some of the best materials I...
New Posts  All Forums: