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22" pit to pit on the medium Generally I go by neck size. 14.5 Small 15.5 Medium 16.5 Large 17.5 XL 18 XXL
The fall shirts have arrived! As always made locally right here in Massachusetts of Japanese fabric. 100% Cotton. Tartan flannel Heavy Oxford Micro herringbone popover All shirts come with a life time guarantee, complimentary alterations, and free international shipping. Small - XL 125 USD
Plants don't have a nervous system, which means they can't feel pain. Because of this they adapted and evolved to be immobile.
No. I'm not either. I hope all slaughterhouses are shut down.
I have a skinhead friend from Oregon who is literally the toughest dude I know. He used to wear a tonic suit every weekend. But he loved to fight. He would get in a fight at least twice a week. Eventually he kind of gave up on wearing nice stuff because he would always ruin it from fighting.
I look forward to the day that happens.
Most Americans don't have access to decent gear and because none of them want to be labeled a "fashion skin" they put more emphasis on the attitude than the dress.As for your view on vegetarians, science disagrees. Humans are socially omnivorous but physically herbivorous. True omnivores and carnivores can't develop the diseases that humans get from eating animal products. Bacon is also a class 1A carcinogen. That means eating bacon has the same associated risks for your...
Cut with a scissors.
There's nothing about being a skinhead or any other subculture that dictates us to enslave and commodify other sentient life forms. Considering it benefits us all to do the opposite, I don't see why we should continue supporting the status quo.
You can order from me directly. Shipping will be $50. I may be able to get you a better deal on shipping if Veg Shoes will ship directly to you. I will enquire.They may not be ready for a a month or two.Also if you want a pair and you are bigger than a size UK 10, let me know ASAP so I can get it in with this batch I just ordered.If you Pre-order now, they will be $180. Once we receive the main shipment, they'll be $200.
New Posts  All Forums: