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Actually they are from Chicago.
A while back I had said I would post this pic of my uncle with his head shaved in 63.
picked these up today. Does anyone remember if sta prest cords were worn at all? My boss said they were hugely popular with the collegiates here in New England. Particularly at the boarding school he went to in Maine.
Lee-Prest pm me if interested.
Picked this up yesterday. Reversible
Bobby used to tell me about what he wore when he was a teenager. He said when he was in Dorchester the look was tonic trousers real slim a short with brightly colored socks and Winkle pickers. Banlon or button down shirt and an iridescent Mac and a sharpend steel tipped umbrella. Though when he went to boarding school in Maine the outfit was Gant or Hathaway button down,levi sta prest cords, and if they weren't wearing weejuns, they might be wearing dessert boots, but more...
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