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Hey Botolph, have we met? Boston isn't that big.
This is top notch
 I have Original 69 ben sherman pattern graded and do made to measure. Check out the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ivy-Threads/109664699170630 If you see a style you like I can send you dozens of swatch pics to choose from. All the shirts are made in Massachusetts, USA of Japanese cotton. It's $125.00 for a shirt, made to measure or graded size. Free shipping
and thanks for the info bob
Easier to iron too. The full pleat get wrinkled very easily with 100% cotton shirts
Just got this vintage ben and was very surprised to find that the it has an open box pleat rather than a finished one like I thought all of them had back in the day. Can anyone tell me if this was common at that time? Also, no darts.      
William in his new navy wool Nik Louis trousers by Ivy Threads. Also available in Sta-Prest twill, and cotton duck or chino. Made in Boston, Massachusetts. USA  
Not me, a friend of mine. Definitely looks that way doesn't it. lol
You guys might like this one better. This is one of my button downs in a vintage madras cotton  Those are true vintage Big E 505's
Bloke second from the left, wearing one with chiseled edges. This photo is about 69/70. I know that it was very popular in the 70's, but they were making dog ear collar shirts (even long ones) since the mid 60's. Perhaps it wasn't as popular with skinheads that early on, but it wasn't just a 70's thing.
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