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Really like the quilted parka at 1:58. I'd love to find something like that. Anyone know about it? It looks much more chic than the M-51 in my opinion.
I notice regular working class guys around Boston with short hair or shaved heads wearing button downs with crew necks, rolled jeans and brown boots. It's a look I see a lot in the shop I work in.
In Boston you will see groups of Asian college kids (male and female) all in bomber jackets or long coats, Dr martens and rolled up jeans. But they wouldn't have a clue what a skinhead is. Most of the new crop of Skinheads I see here are in the cookie cutter Skinhead style, and some of the older generation are leaning towards the American work wear and heritage style. I'll admit, I put on a herringbone chore jacket yesterday and found that I liked it. It's essentially a...
I generally don't wear trousers that have less than a 7" J stitch. These just make the cut. Certainly not as high rise as a real pair of GI trousers would be but a better rise than what Levi's has been doing. These have 2% elastaine in them so they feel kind of like stretchy flannel.I also picked up a pair of the tapered cotton chinos. I like them. Also with the 7" J stitch. Unfortunately too small on me. I'll give to a mate.Something I'm coming to terms with is that...
I paid 15 for the light gray. Probably would have paid more for the green ones
http://www.levi.com/US/en_US/mens-clothing-trousers/p/279560000   I picked up a pair of these thrifting the other day. Not bad
Just curious what you usually wear your green cord blazer with. I got one recently.
Which do you prefer?
What does everyone think about the rise of contemporary trousers vs the ones in the 60's? Do you like the short J stitch or do you prefer the high rise trousers from the 60's?   I also believe the vintage sta prest are not as slim as contemporary versions.
Gant made some fantastic stuff in the 60s along with Hathaway. But just like most brands they all lost their edge by the mid 70s
New Posts  All Forums: