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Thanks for the advice. I much appreciate.
Thanks that's interesting i was thinking about black shirt  but i want to add a pocket square to it what would you suggest?   PS. Isn't the black bowtie and black shirt too little more like no contrast at all?
Yes, but it's way too formal for what i need, maby something a little bit more casual?
I have a blazer something like this, perhaps my shade of purple is a little bit darker than the one in the picture. i need some ideeas for shirt bowtie and pocketsquare. Thanks
After a closer look i think it's a square or a rectangle about 50cm long. I think i'm gonna buy the raw material and ask a tailor to make me one. I'll post the result next week.
It can't be.... a pocket square is too small to tie it around the neck
Nobody knows?
So what type of scarf is this one? It looks really slim and i've never seen something like this in stores. Any Ideea where can i get something like that and how it looks like unfolded?      
Thanks so much, I really appreciate.
For the hankie? Or what are you reffering to?
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