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ACK! So you bought the shoes I've been eyeing for the past year. haha. (I hesitated because I didn't want to pay the ridiculous import duties and carrier fees, regardless of the sale. Ohhhhhhhh, well. :) )
Military Watch Co. Mil. Tec Chronograph MKIII Gunmetal   Brand New.
Danner Mountain Light Overton Tan Suede    Size 10 EE (Fit is between a regular 10.5-11.)   Brand new in Box.
Thanks for the PM with the update.    Still in.
 Try and reason with this guy: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/2014-BNWT-100-HOLOGRAM-TAG-BLACK-CANADA-GOOSE-LANGFORD-MEDIUM-PARKA-JACKET-/290992602819?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item43c082bec3&_uhb=1
 Their twill caps are really mediocre.
WTAPS Design Hoodie, Orange, size XL: $160 shipped to North America   P2P: 23"
I'm in. 
The 68 Pachena Bay hiker available on Workboot.com is better than any other Fashion make-up Viberg has made for almost twice the price.    But I'd agree, buying a domestically-made boot with all the necessary bells and whistles to get you through a messy winter at a fraction of the cost is definitely a "smarter" choice. 
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