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Blue Collar Shitkickers are some boss-ass boots. 
Size? Price?
Bag + Laptop sleeve. 
Added 13" DSPTCH Laptop Sleeve. 
Briefing Lance 2 Messenger Midnight Blue Shipping is to North America only unless terms are agreed upon prior to purchase.  ***There are no returns or refunds.  By purchasing this item you accept that the item is thereupon considered your property. 
Those have been up for grabs for at least the last year. The seller's a good dude, so I'm glad to see he finally unloaded them. Had they been 9.5s, I'd have scooped them ages ago. (Then again, if that was the case, he wouldn't have had to sell.)
So I guess the $1400 Acronym jackets will now be closer to 3K? Jesus...
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