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Meaning you like to be able to stretch the leather as per your use? Therefore, you like your footwear a bit snug? Edited to be directed at LA Guy
Would have preferred this went down on the weekend, but i'm sure I can find a way to skirt work all day checking for updates...
Are the Racer's considerably LESS substantial than the Lunar FK 1's? 
On second thought, it`s probably smaller than that, because it really is quite slim on me. more likely 40.5-41.
As with all veilance items, it's tough to give a precise measurement. Based on fit, I would say, when done up, roughly 22".
For Sale, ROY SF01, Straight Fit, newly tweaked cut, handmade by Roy Slaper, size 33, worn sparingly for two weeks. Original inseam. Two hot soaks.   Made in USA.   Measurements in inches:   waist: 16.5 thigh: 12.75 knee: 9 hem: 8.5 inseam: 35 front rise: 11.2 back rise: 16
5 Ebbets Field Flannels hats for Sale.   3 x EFF x Faribault Mills Strap-backs, Brand New   Ebbets Field Flannels x Inventory Magazine, Brown & Heather Grey, size 7 1/8   Ebbets Field Flannels x Our Legacy, Brown, size 7 1/8
Arc'Teryx Veilance Tessellate Shirt, Sepia, Size Medium   Brand New With Tags   Made in Canada
Arc'Teryx Veilance Survey Jacket, Black, Size Medium   Brand New With Tags and Dust Bag   Made in Canada
Arc'Teryx Veilance Graph Sweater, Black, Size Medium   Worn Once   Made in Canada
New Posts  All Forums: