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 No way to commit to one or the other? Half size difference either way makes a difference. 
Will take best offer over $600 shipped within North America so long as it comes in this week. 
Can someone link me to the guy who was talking about Gyak shoe sizing? (I believe he said he sized up 1.)
 This pic does nothing to inspire a purchase…for me, at least.
 Ok, so no need to size up x 2? I know that in the shorts it's a bit excessive. (e.g. I wear a 33 in pants pretty much across the board and wear a XXL in Gyak shorts. Might even be able to size up for a less slim look.)
Might bite the bullet and pick up an Expedition for the upcoming winter. 
Are the boots that are posted up on Viberg.com available to be shipped now if purchased? Or is there still a, like, 5 year wait time?
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