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Edit: Just picked up a Branta Cargo Nelson. Amazing jacket. Not entirely sure how I feel about the concealed fleece-lined stretch cuffs but, on the whole, as a heavy-duty alternative to my Veilance Insulated Shell, this is perfect.
I was tagged pretty hard when receiving a parcel from leffot. ($250 for $500 boots.)    And they didn't fit… -_- 
$220 shipped for the Blue 86, size XL. (In north America.)
Acronym 3A-5TSR   Brand New With Bag and ID Sheet.   Handmade in Berlin.    Price includes shipping to North America.    Will consider shipping to Europe at buyer's cost.   Buyers will need references.    I will not hold the item for you. Cash is king. 
Those prices are ridiculous, though. 
Full length?
Bump. Drops.
Bump for remaining pairs.
Taking best offers on all three flannel shirts over $200.
New Posts  All Forums: