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i'm 230. my ideal is 175.    i only eat an egg for breakfast plus veggies, maybe a piece of fruit, coffee..   for lunch it's a chicken breast salad or burger salad.   dinner is usually meat + some veggies.    i added muscle milk recently. 
curious where do these numbers come from? i hear trainers talk like this a lot..
say i don't eat more than a fist full of protein the whole day be it chicken or steak? is that enough?   i didn't even know there were pre workout supplements. when i mean before i mean i take it during breakfast if there is no protein aside from the egg white of 1 egg in the meal..
new balance is a good rec i'm using minimus right now for the gym/ running.    checked out k swiss. good stuff. thanks!   what about uniqlo? the ones djokovic wears? i checked them out too and they are a bit cheaper than new balance prices. 
i'm on something similar to the cohen diet but i lift weights too.. my trainer says it's not enough protein especially for a guy and it's for folks with a sedentary lifestyle. should i take a shake before and after workouts as supplement?
thanks guys!    is there a better/ other brand of tennis shoe you can recommend aside from nike/ adidas? mizuno? or is that badminton?
what do i need?    a starter racket? what's a good brand?   Shoes! I need a decent pair. Nike, Adidas, what else is there?   Apparel? Lacoste shirts?    All white? 
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