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Also interested in seeing more size UK 11.
Would appear that AE has been sold by Brentwod for $255m.
I too may be interested in this GMTO.  I would prefer a suede shaft - if anyone else is so inclined.
+ 1
First attempt at 4 patterns.  Suit has a windowpane (see 2nd and 3rd photos)    
      I know - new shoes and the throat is too spread.  Hopefully they'll stretch so that they close like my Fifth Avenues. [[SPOILER]]
AE Strand Viccel Santorelli  
I recently bought a couple of pairs of their oxfords and I would echo the previous post regarding size, fit and quality.  The leather is good - not great - and it took a few outings for them to break in. I am normally a 12D (US) and I have a high instep.  The oxford accomodates my foot shape and I am able to close the laces sufficiently.    Set your expectations appropriately given the price you are paying and you will get good value for a goodyear welted, leather...
This thread is full of inspiration.           [[SPOILER]]
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