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I too may be interested in this GMTO.  I would prefer a suede shaft - if anyone else is so inclined.
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First attempt at 4 patterns.  Suit has a windowpane (see 2nd and 3rd photos)    
      I know - new shoes and the throat is too spread.  Hopefully they'll stretch so that they close like my Fifth Avenues. [[SPOILER]]
AE Strand Viccel Santorelli  
I recently bought a couple of pairs of their oxfords and I would echo the previous post regarding size, fit and quality.  The leather is good - not great - and it took a few outings for them to break in. I am normally a 12D (US) and I have a high instep.  The oxford accomodates my foot shape and I am able to close the laces sufficiently.    Set your expectations appropriately given the price you are paying and you will get good value for a goodyear welted, leather...
This thread is full of inspiration.           [[SPOILER]]
Bexley - Charles TM Lewin Custom
Upr_crust  -- Looks great.  Forgive my ignorance, but what is the purpose of the top inside pocket where the opening is running almost vertically?  Does the left hand side of the jacket not become bulky if you have things in all pockets?  
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