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They say 3 weeks but mine took a little less than that  
  Here you go.    I got slim fit but know that I like my clothes a little more snug than most so I adjusted my measurements accordingly.  
What I am Wearing: Gray Glen Check suit (not on site yet but will explain below) - peak lapel - slim fit Light Blue Gingham Shirt             The suit fabric is not listed on their website but I had emailed the concierge asking if they might have any windowpanes or checks in stock that haven't been released yet.  Their concierge service told me they had this glen check fabric, which would be up on their website in the next month or so. When I saw...
Suit fitting looks great.  Like the way it sits on you and the sleeve length looks great (just right amount of cuff showing)  
Great read thanks.
can anyone recommend a good vest?    Both a down vest and a dale vest. two i like are from onassis clothing but would prefer not to spend less than 200
DapperMan here.  A working man that likes to dress nicely and make (at least) first good impressions.    
There is absolutely no question in my mind that you should go with a MTM.  I used to be an off-the-rack purchaser of clothes which even the best OTR (ex. Brooks Brothers) was far inferior to my MTM clothes.  That being said, Black Lapel is clearly the best in the business right now.   I have a suit from both Indochino and Black Lapel and Black Lapel is the clear cut winner.  The fit and construction are substantially better at Black Lapel.  And those are the two...
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