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Hi,    If there are any Manchester residents here, can anyone recommend a quality shoe repair / cobbler in the city?   (For the sole, not the upper)   Cheers in advance.   Paul
With no semi-brogue Buckshots being produced in the Autumn collection form Cheaney, I had to settle for something else.   Plumped for a pair of Barker Grants, a cedar tan kind of colour. I liked the complimentary light coloured sole and size/depth of the punchwork which seem to make it a bit more casual. About as happy as I can be with a pair of brogues that aren't the ones I set my heart on.       They look a little darker in my picture, but they're...
Not at all, I had an idea that they would only be doing the full brogue. No problems. Better to have some hope than none ;)  
Have spoken to G&H, it looks like they're only producing the full brogue which I wasn't as keen on as the semi-brogue Buckshots.   So it's either keep praying to find a pair on ebay or plump for a different brand of semi brogue which I may never love quite as much.  
Cheers, I did call them a few weeks back. I'll get on it. Thanks.  
Hello folks, I'm new to this here forum, so forgive me for jumping straight in on what is probably a well-worn topic.   I chanced upon Style Forum because I have recently begun a quest to find the perfect shoe. After much searching and internetting, I found the Buckshot Brogue and deemed it to be the shoe I needed to help me on my way in the larger quest of dressing much more like the modern stylish gentleman that I should be. ( A quest you'll all be familiar with I...
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