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Agree with this. My tailor has been the same little old Italian man for years and I've gotten him to alter numerous suits and jackets. I noticed after he returned my first DB that he ever worked on the button pulled a bit more than on the other jackets he's done for me. I asked him about it and he gave me pretty much the same info.
Absolutely brilliant, @Coxsackie    Love the shoes and trousers especially.
This beauty just arrived. First linen suit + first Tenero suit. So light and comfortable! That transparency...  
 Thanks for the warm welcome, Shawn! I agree regarding white ties. I've avoided them like the plague ever since I started learning about the "rules" of menswear. I was really taken with this particular tie, I think it's a great option for the summer.   I agree with you. I mostly wore this combo because the tie and shirt are both fairly new to me and I was excited to wear them. I think it looks good as-is, but you're right that a light blue shirt would likely look...
X-post from the WAYWRN thread:   Wore this Eidos suit/shirt recently, both from SS15. Haven't seen too many places stock the shirt but it's really great. Ultralightweight textured cotton, it's become by go-to summer white dress shirt.    
First time contributing to this thread, hi gents! Also, coincidentally my first time wearing a white tie. I don't have a decent picture taking setup at the moment, so the selfie'll have to do.     Eidos suit/shirt Borrelli tie old Dockers cotton pocket square that I cut the edges off and fringed myself   You can't tell in the above pic but the Eidos shirt is a really nice, lightweight, textured cotton. Better shot of the texture here:  
 I have a few Tipos and one Tenero, all in a 54R. Unfortunately I can't help too much at the moment since my Tenero is at the tailors to get working cuffs. Also, my Tenero is a DB so I can't really compare the lapel and button stance. The Tenero is definitely a pinch shorter, and feels slimmer throughout the body and the sleeves. The shoulders are also noticeably narrower than they are on my Tipos, but not by much. 
@conradwu will the rust melange raw silk be restocked in 9cm any time soon? 
Carson St Clothiers, but it looks like they just sent me an e-mail cancelling my order :( 
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