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She could measure him in his sleep.
^Not even! I was rooting for Argentina, I'm happy they won. Whaaat a snoozefest, though.
Nobody enjoyed today's game. It was terrible.
I haven't followed much of this thread but I'm hoping someone can help me out.       This is pretty much my dream shoe at the moment. Burgundy calf, punched captoe oxford on the Simpson last. I can't seem to find anywhere that has it for sale, does anyone know if something like this is coming up at any Carmina retailers? Thanks!
At least you can resell it above value as a Sideshow Bob cosplay piece
Yeah thestylechamber has good service, prices, and really fast shipping. I did however get hit with ~$70 in fees upon delivery when they shipped with DHL, just so you know.
Can anyone comment on the leather/sizing of the RO Sternberg secret hood?  I've been looking for a nice minimalist black leather jacket and this seems to fit the bill.  
Loved the video! Like everyone said, it was really nice to be able to better put a face/voice to the brand. Popovers and shorts look great!   Also agreed about Mexico/Brazil, most intense 0-0 game I've seen! I might be developing a slight mancrush on Mexico's goalkeeper...
For some reason I thought the popovers were short-sleeved. Will their be any ss ones or are they all long-sleeved?
Got my chinos today, Khaki and Navy both in size 34. Unfortunately my quads and glutes don't agree with the sizing and I'll be exchanging them for size 35s. If there's anyone out there bummed they missed the navy chinos in 34, you're in luck!  Fabric is excellent and the rise is definitely not too small (and I've been described as having a black-girl booty, so there's that). 
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