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 Carson St currently has the eggplant herringbone lambswool trousers and they're awesome: https://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/clothing/product/1977/lambswooltweedpant
Could someone compare the Lorenzo cut to the Tipo? Particularly in regards to width of the sleeve head? I have a Tipo from SS14 and it fits perfectly, but all of the Teneros I tried on recently are a bit too tight in the sleeve head, creating some pretty unsightly shoulder creasing.    I love some of the jackets/suits at NMWA, but I'd like to be sure the sleeves are wide enough before I make any purchases.
"There has been no change whatsoever to the Tipo. Different fabrics tailor differently, drape differently, etc. There is also a 1cm +/- tolerance on all measurements for our garments as well so some individual jackets may feel a tad more snug or loose in some places but we haven't changed the Tipo since it has worked so well. What we did tweak was the shoulder on the tenero as the width across the sleeve head was far too tight. We gave it a much fuller sleeve head which...
 My last order from End was $350 and I had the exact same customs fee as you. yayyy Canada...
Oxblood and Cigar sold out already? Nooooooo
Have you guys received your orders from the sale stuff yet? I placed two orders over two weeks ago and still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation. 
Hey guys,   I just received my first SW shirt yesterday (red/white stripe) and I can personally echo all of europrep's sentiments. Absolutely great first impression.   The collar is big and beautiful and I'm actually a fan of the double-button. Fit is slim and flattering. Fabric is very nice but I agree it is a bit on the thinner side, we'll see how it holds up with some wear.    At first when I saw the pictures I was a big skeptical about the cuffs, but it turns out...
Those Bloodline trousers on sale are an absolute steal at those prices! I have the pair in brown plaid and they're incredible. This sounds silly but they have the smoothest zipper I've ever used on pants. If there were some pairs in 34 I'd absolutely snatch them up. Don't sleep on them, folks.
Any pictures of the dark brown museum calf in natural light?
New stuff on Barney's Warehouse, some is alright. Good deals on N&F jeans. I picked up the white/black selvedge jeans.
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