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Mine's folded. Feel like hanging would just stretch/lengthen it out.
Linen Ciro arrived from Napoli today, very happy with it! Will need a trip to the tailors to take in the waist and shorten the sleeves a tad. I can confirm it is the same beautiful Solbiati linen fabric as the trousers I bought from SS15 so I just luckily made myself a rad summer suit, though I'll likely wear them as separates more often.     Detail shot of the fabric. This is probably my favourite SS fabric Eidos has ever used, so far. I just love it.  
 I first tested out pleated trousers by ordering some from Luxire in modestly-priced fabrics. Very happy with the results :)  You'll likely get a better fitting pair through a MTM service like that, rather than checking through Toronto shops who have pretty barren offerings for RTW pleated trousers, if you can find them at all.
So, per my understanding, the Primo is noticeably slimmer than the other cuts (Tipo, Tenero, etc), correct?   There's a Primo suit that has caught my eye but I have no experience with the cut and the Tenero is about as slim as I can comfortably go in the arms and shoulders.
 Definitely.  Another, non-lookbook example: 
I've been looking for a lapel chain for a while, couldn't resist at that price. Thanks @casadisartoria 
 Sure, it looks like the guy only has it in 52 left. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/NWT-EIDOS-by-ISAIA-BLAZER-Jacket-pure-linen-cream-handmade-Italy-eu-52-us-42-/282173511484?hash=item41b2da173c:g:X5EAAOSwOdpX1t0L
Not gonna lie, I kinda wish I saw that before I placed my order. It's kinda great, in a totally obnoxious way.
Thanks to whoever it was that mentioned an ebay seller shipping from Italy.   I just checked and couldn't resist this beauty in 100% linen in the Ciro cut for a steal.  The NMWA/Lorenzo is my favourite cut, so this was a no brainer at the price. There are also a 52 and 50 available, I believe!     I'm 99% sure I have the matching trousers from SS15 already, as an added bonus 
Any idea when Eidos arrivals are expected?   Anxiously awaiting the emerald green SC I preordered 
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