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hell yes for slutty tees. 
The Formosa is incredible, FrankCopperhair
 Looks great! Is the collar also linen or is it the same cotton/elastane as the regular polo fabric?
aaaand just bought the last one in stock. Beyond excited.  
Nice! What colours will the upcoming predator chinos be offered in?
Any chance we'll get some more chinos in last years Predator fit? I wear my navy and khaki chinos all the time and would absolutely love the same fit in more colours.
1. Yes, absolutely the pink works with darker skin!2. In my experience they don't get much tighter with washing but they may get a bit shorter. Cold wash/hang dry is always a good idea.3. Definitely works with darker trousers4. I've never worn mine untucked. The curved hem makes them ideal for tucking, imo.5. Not sure, but if you find a place with more XLs let me know too!
Yeah Eidos is definitely tts for me, at least compared to other European brands. I'm a 54r in Eidos, LBM 1911, and Boglioli, with Eidos being the least slim/tight of the bunch (which I like).
Gratuitous texture shot of the toggle sweater and washed indigo shirt
@tonio028 if it's any consolation, I've ordered Eidos button-up shirts in size L from Haberdash and they were all marked as size 42 on the tags. 
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