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Any ETA on when the tailoring (besides Bloomingdales) is expected to be delivered? 
 I want the Jade green, which is why I preordered it ;)
 Sell one of your Memorys 
 That's kind of intentional on a lot of schneider pieces, especially the ones intended to be worn oversized like the wider knits
I was emailing Marc back and forth earlier this year about buying some Eidos stuff when the conversation ended after he said they don't ship to Canada. I thought this was strange, since Bloomingdales website does ship to Canada, but oh well.
Honestly I found Red Wing Postmans to do the job pretty well and they can be found for cheap
AK Rikk's has it as well @charliechan
At least they buttoned that one acceptably! 
A lot of beautiful FW stuff is showing up on Bloomingdales' site... the Paolo parka is insane
Looking forward to it! I realized I had a disturbing hole in my wardrobe regarding light/mid grey suits, this should fit the bill nicely. Plus I love the Eidos x NMWA model so it was an easy decision.
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