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Any Canadians get shipping confirmations from the Barneys sale yet? 
I'd just like to say this is a really cool contest idea. I've been familiar with NMWA for a while now, but always just used it to check out the brands I was already very familiar with. This contest made me look more openly to new brands I may not have checked out otherwise, and I found some *very* cool stuff in the process. 
Yeah it depends on where you carry your weight. I'm 5'11, 195 lbs, pretty built, usually wear a Large in everything but when I tried on the commander I had to size up to XL because the L was too tight in the shoulders/chest.  If you have bigger than average shoulders/chest you should probably size up, otherwise you should take your normal size imo.
Nothing new, but FIFTEEN for extra 15% off sale prices at END.   Been eyeing a Barbour commander for a while now and getting it for $350 shipped is about as good as it gets!
Ahh, where to begin!   1. Stephan Schneider Miami Crewneck   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/miami-crewneck-sweater-with-raglan-sleeves-in-mel-white-beige-grey-cotton.html     What can I say? I'm a massive Schneider fanboy and this is my favourite piece from SS14. A perfect, breezy, comfortable sweater for those cool summer evenings. I haven't loved the brick motif so present in his SS14 collection, but here it's subtle enough not to distract but rather...
ahh fair enough, never had the need to try that. 
I'm Canadian with Canadian credit cards and I've never had any problems ordering from Barney's Warehouse, including the order I placed today. Weird.
She could measure him in his sleep.
^Not even! I was rooting for Argentina, I'm happy they won. Whaaat a snoozefest, though.
Nobody enjoyed today's game. It was terrible.
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