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I'm guessing the woven lupos fit a bit looser than the regular polos to account for lack of stretch in the fabric? The regular lupo in XL is pretty damn snug on my arms/shoulders, an identical shirt in a woven fabric would be much too slim for me. 
Chest and shoulder measurements?    Thanks
Looking forward to see how MC reacts. I'll do my best to chime in over there as I tend to straddle both sides of the forum and can compare WvG stuff to some of the favourite brands over there.
Ya man. Sun's out guns out season is approaching.
 Wow, this happened to me too. I ordered a white long-sleeve lupo polo and they sent me a short-sleeve instead. What's up with Bloomingdales sending out the wrong items?
Can we talk about the amazing print on this shirt and where one could go about buying this beauty:  
Yep, same here.   I don't have any Eidos suits yet (hoping to remedy that soon), but I have 4 jackets, 6-7 shirts, 2 polos, and a pair of trousers. I don't think you can really appreciate Eidos stuff until you wear it. It all looks great in pictures, sure, but pictures can't convey what it feels like to wear it, which is exactly why I keep coming back.
You hang your tees?   I keep both my tees and henleys folded.
 Oh, my mistake. The only ciro I've seen is the one on Haymaker's site and it's lined, which is why I assumed they all were. 
 Thanks for this, looks like I'll need to plan a trip to NY sometime soon. My only concern about the NMWA is that it's unlined. I'm a pretty muscular guy and most of the unlined jackets I've tried or even own (Eidos included) tend to bunch a bit strangely at the shoulders. I really like the Tipo as the light shoulder padding and lining seems to alleviate this and the shoulder looks more natural on my build. Hence why I feel like the lined Ciro might be better for me than...
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