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Picked up the FW grey herringbone Chiaia... At that price it was impossible to resist.
FWIW I went half a size down on my Aperture sneaks from last season and they fit great. I'm a fairly standard 11D US and I got them in 43.5.
I've been loving Eidos polos with my CK suede Capa derbies as well
Picked up the chiaia raglan raincoat and a band collar shirt from the Nordstrom sale. Thanks for the heads up!
 I agree with this.I take have jackets in Tenero/Tipo/Lorenzo/NMWA and they're all 54R. The Teneros and Tipos definitely feel a bit slimmer throughout the chest and armholes, but it's not a dealbreaker for me.
 I saw it in Gotstyle in Toronto when I stopped by last week. They don't have their Eidos stuff online but it might be worth e-mailing them, they're pretty responsive in my experience.
 As a fellow accountant, I wish more of us dressed like this. Very nice!
 Thanks very much! The pin is the Eidos pin that comes with all of their suits/jackets/outerwear. I usually take it off when I wear suits but I was rushing that morning.
 I feel you, fellow bigger-dude... Luckily enough I had the forethought to preorder the emerald green.
 You guys apparently forgot to order size 54...I would've pre-ordered the solaro suit and cream dinner jacket if I could've!  I understand why it happened but a heads up would've been nice! :(
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