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Long shot, but does anyone know if anywhere has these in stock in a 36/52? I bought the blue and beige pairs and I love them and feel like I need the green to catch em all...  
  Seriously, this is super cool, and I absolutely love hearing about these kind of experiences you have, Mauro. It feels like you're giving me an insider's look to the industry and that's awesome. 
 Mind if I ask who makes the shirt? I've been looking for one just like it. 100% linen?
 I was saying it looks like something out of a comic book or video game, in regards to the texture/smoothness/shading. It looks awesome. 
Regis' sweater in that first pic looks cel shaded, what is even going on
My only pickup from the Mr Porter sale... Massimo Alba heavy tweed DB overcoat        
Beautiful tie! What's the width? Most Eidos ties (non-knit ties, anyways) are 3.25", correct?
@mbaum's fitpic just made me buy the linen shopcoat from fwrd. Only EG piece I bought this season, unfortunately, but looks like it'll be a great one.
That brown mix sweater looks gorgeous. Also holy shit @ that jan-jan coat. Incredible.
  Could be wrong, this is from memory:3-4 suits (all pretty conversative patterns/fabrics/colours, all Tipo model)4-5 sport coats (including the awesome beige hopsack fabric that NMWA has, all Tipo model)3ish pieces of knitwear (the navy/white basketweave cardigan and some quarter-zips)Maybe 10 different shirts (equally split between casual sport shirts and dress shirts)4 short sleeve lupos (navy, white, light blue, pink)5 pairs of trousers (including the stone cotton...
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