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Damn, 54 is my size but I literally just bought a navy wool bomber three days ago...
Yeah, I really hope it isn't true about gravitypope. She didn't seem certain but it was strongly hinted at.
 I e-mailed them about this and they replied saying they're starting to carry the brand with this S/S season and they'll have their items in stock during the first few weeks of March. They also said they made a pretty large buy for the FW15 stuff and will have quite a bit of it. Pretty great news for Torontonians, especially since the SA at gravitypope told me there's a good chance they won't be carrying the brand any more. Now with Working Title picking up the brand at...
The scarf ruins that fit imo
Looks like a pitch perfect fit to boot!
It could definitely vary from store to store, I didn't notice any pricing/sale discrepancies between the website and the store with the Toronto location, though.   Even if not too much grabbed your eye last time, I'd say it's worth taking a look. Literally both the items I ended up purchasing were not on the floor last time I was there (a month or two ago). I talked to the sales associate and she said she grabbed stock from the basement and put a bunch of new items up on...
My thighs are so happy in my Paul trousers but I still got them tapered to a smaller leg opening more in line with the Predator #bestofbothworlds 
I wish... it seems their discounts are completely random. I would have loved to have bought the plain white Botanical shirt today but it wasn't on sale at all and $280 is too much for a plain white shirt, even if it is a Schneider.
 Stock is a bit different, yes, but the prices in store are the same as on the website.
I would proxy but I'm actually leaving town tonight and won't be back in the city for two weeks sorry guys
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