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Any pictures of the dark brown museum calf in natural light?
New stuff on Barney's Warehouse, some is alright. Good deals on N&F jeans. I picked up the white/black selvedge jeans.
 Where are you in Canada? I have a few WvG tees in size L and wouldn't mind sending you one. I'm in Ontario FWIW.
 Thanks! Just placed the order 
I'm on board with the GMTO brown museum calf on the Olfe last, but I have no experience with Meermin. Can anyone help me decide on sizing? For reference I wear 10 in Carmina's Rain and Inca lasts, 10.5D in Alden's Barrie and Trubalance, 11D on Plaza and am a true 11D on my brannock size.   I'm assuming 10UK would be fine? 
 I'd say XL. I'm 5'11, 190ish lbs and I wear them in L but they're a bit on the snugger side. 
Loved the video, Mauro, really great stuff. There was a brief clip of schoeller fabric - what will you be making with it?    Also whoever picked the music for the video has excellent taste. I'm a big fan of the artist of the second track especially!
More crew necks? Or do you mean scoop necks (anxiously awaiting these)?
Some good news for Torontonians!   I e-mailed GotStyle this morning asking when the Eidos fw14 collection would be in, and what they would stock. They replied saying it should all be in in 2-3 weeks or so and they "will be carrying the complete collection of Edios, including suits, sportcoats, dress shirts, neckwear and sportswear."   They also mentioned that Antonio would be coming to the store sometime in fall to do a trunk show. Very cool! 
Couldn't find measurements online anywhere so I'm just going to ask...   I have a 34" waist and 25" thighs - will Eidos pants fit me or are they too slim?
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