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Working from home this week. Lounge mode engaged.     P.S. - I wore it while making eggs this morning and all was right with the world.
Gorgeous shade of brown on that tie, Clags.
 Wore mine on a quick trip to the mall the other day and didn't think twice about it.  I'll definitely get more use out of it as a house robe but I see no problem with wearing it out every now and again.
Y'all are some weird sizes. I'm 54R/16.5 in shirts and an XL in knitwear/lupos/tops across the board and I've been super happy with the fit of everything. 
Been sitting on the fence long enough, finally placed an order for my first ever G. Inglese shirt and Post-Imperial ties. Let's do this.
 I just got a V60 recently as well and I've tried a handful of recipes so far. Matt Perger's recipe seems to have produced the best results for me. See below! https://vimeo.com/46612013
 As big of an Eidos fan as I am, I've somehow managed to hold off on getting any field jackets yet... this might be a gamechanger.
Damn.   http://www.barneys.com/product/eidos-boucl-c3-a9-peacoat-504706616.html
 I'm 5'11 and it hits just above mid-thigh for me, pretty ideal length IMO.  $350 and no idea if there are any left. Give Martin Patrick 3 a call!
New Posts  All Forums: