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My bank account is happy that Rotas don't fit me :)   They look fantastic though...
Hats aren't new, I definitely remember seeing them in gravitypope from a few seasons back.
Will do!
Yessss NMWA to the rescue once again!   I was super bummed this past season to find no 54Rs in the Solaro suit and silk DB dinner jacket. Guess I did enough complaining around here to get restocks, and I think the new iteration of the dinner jacket might be even more preferable to me.   Just preordered: -Solaro suit -Cream SB dinner jacket -Ghurka shorts  
 Didn't realize they had further markdowns.... band-collar seersucker shirt and charcoal Justin field pants incoming...
Pre-orders soon? :)
Don't sleep on the Gatsbys, fellas. Unfortunately my size has been sold out at NMWA for months so I had to get them elsewhere but I echo all the comments about the quality and especially the comfort right out of the box. Surprisingly versatile too! Easy to dress down.
Picked up the FW grey herringbone Chiaia... At that price it was impossible to resist.
FWIW I went half a size down on my Aperture sneaks from last season and they fit great. I'm a fairly standard 11D US and I got them in 43.5.
I've been loving Eidos polos with my CK suede Capa derbies as well
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