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I'm a 42 and wear the green toggle cardigan in XL.
 I ordered two Large Eidos shirts from them in the past and they were both 42s.
Some great deals on Eidos at Haberdash right now. Between 25-40% off the entire line
 Jacket looks much better on you in these pics! Fit looks good and that fabric is incredible. Definitely need to get the sleeves shortened quite a bit, though.
 Damn, would anyone be willing to proxy? I just want a longsleeve white lupo polo. I emailed Marc before and the conversation ended rather abruptly when he said his store doesn't ship to Canada (even though the Bloomies website does...). I'll make it worth your while, of course!
 Dammit, I bought Larges (and one XL since L was sold out) in the longsleeve tees. Couldn't see the size chart for the same reason mentioned here so I just went with my normal bamboo/sorona tee size. I wear a L A/D and XL B/D. I'm hoping the Larges work out
Damn, I was hoping for the rusty rose floral flannel but it looks like it got added to the sale late and I missed out on my size.   Oh well, grabbed some longsleeve tees anyway
Damn, that's what I was worried about. Haven't seen a 7 in the white/blue but figured the 6 would probably be too tight.Thanks
Anyone know how the quorum from this season fits? Especially compared to other FW cardigans like the poa/bee/etc. Is it snugger than those?
Had 4 items in my cart last night, all of them were sold out this morning, haha. Not the end of the world but still a bit disappointing.   Pulled the trigger on the Mint Julep and Cotton Tencel Stripe Oxfords this morning. Can't wait for these, absolutely perfect summer shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: