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To add some more context, this season's Bedfords were a bit too snug in the arms/chest for me to take my usual L/XL. Had to size up on those.
Agreed. I have a big drop and the Pupal looks bad on me. The Sonchus looks great, however.
I tried on the fair isle knit jacket in Haven and it was tts. I'm usually a large and the large fit great.
Also goddamn Bene, great buys. Are you working on getting the entire FW14 collection or what
 Personally, I have to size up for Schneider's shirts. I'm generally a 6 in all his knits/jackets, and a 7 for the shirts. His shirts in 6 have been too slim in the arms and chest for me.
 You'd probably be fine with a L. I'm 5'11 and 200 lbs and I wear a large. The fit is a bit slim but it works better than sizing up to XL would have.
I echo this completely. 11D brannock and a comfortable 44 on the F last.
 Yep. It's not great.
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