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Had to do it. Pre-ordered the grey flannel trousers with hollywood waistband + side adjusters. Been looking for a pair of trousers exactly like this for a while and these were just too perfect, price be damned!
Great, thanks!
Bought two beanies!   Looking at the grey flannel pre-order. Potentially dumb question, what does "scored back" mean?
 Well the chest measurement for the XL is 19.5" and my chest is a 44' (5'11, 200 lbs). I know it's stretchy but I prefer my sweaters/thermals to not be so snug. It does look damn good, though. 
Damn, I'd love to pick up a thermal but the measurements look a bit too slim in the chest/arms, even at an XL (I'm usually L). Oh well, the gun patch is supremely badass as well.
Drops on a few FW14 items at Forward: http://www.fwrd.com/mens-brand-stephan-schneider/b37fa8/   Picked up the lemna scarf.
Ahh makes sense. Dumb Canadian here!
Was there a newsletter yesterday? When is the new stuff going up online?
Crosspost from the Wolf vs Goat thread:       So Sebastian Ward shirts have basically replaced all other dress shirts in my wardrobe. Every time I need to wear a suit or something a bit more formal I always reach for my SW shirts first. The collar [and fit, sleeves, cuffs, etc...] just work so well for me and my style. Keep up the good work, boys!
Stoked for black friday! Will definitely be picking up some beanies at least.   Got my car coat in this week from the previous sale. The fabric on this thing is absolutely insane, I've never felt anything like it. I'll have to get the sleeves lengthened a bit and maybe taken in at the waist a pinch but I'm totally in love with this thing.  
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