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  Is it "fake" if it is made in the same factory with the same material?
What's the opinion here about gray shoes? I always thought that a nice grey suede chukka goes with almost any style of clothing.
I only mentioned the minister because of the circumstance :P   And I am thinking that Barney might be bigger than Robben here... I was in a pub a couple years back for a CL match, but they decided to show the World Dart Championship or something just because Barney was playing!
Most famous person I ran into: I was sitting in Schiphol waiting for someone when Arjen Robben just strolled past. Pretty cool.   I also saw the minister of education of the Netherlands riding a bike just in front of me in full suit, briefcase, outside of the town hall.   And maybe the least (or most...) interesting of all: I met Raymond "The Plague from The Hague" van Barneveld in a bar.
I would have to say Moreschi, but mainly because I have limited experience with shoes...   I was given a pair of rarely used Suede derby that was (I think) 8 years old and the suede looked immaculate.   Sadly, they seem to be obsessed with unusual leathers now.
Can't say I'm tall, but at 5.10 and 135-ish, I think I qualify as skinny. My problem is that most clothes seem to be either to wide on the shoulders if they are the correct length, or too short if they are the correct width.   I must say that this thread is a great help for me as I am attempting to switch from my Primark and H&M days to clothe myself decently. Will be following closely.
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