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Maybe in the future you could wrap the trees in cling film before procedures?
Florsheim collab with Duckie Brown
  Yeah, no need to beat around the bush    Speaking about the brand, I'll probably swing by the store in Jakarta to check on some manhoods. I've heard that a couple of new local brands just started popping up recently, all with the same story: good construction, bad leather. I'm afraid there's no regulating what can be called Calfskin (I mean, it's the skin of a calf, so technically, it's calfskin).
I just checked their website and the first thing that came to mind was: "WHO the hell name their shoes 'THE MANHOOD'???"
  Please don't be otter... 
  Out of genuine curiosity and/or ignorance, what is the advantage of a shoe polishing apron compared to my 5$ kitchen apron?
Hypothetically speaking, what would be the gentlemanly way to show off that unreal lining to people? 
I am loving the closed-lacing ankle boots. The monk boots looks delicious, but the combo of brown suede and black leather is not doing it for me.
  Pretty sure I heard Craig asked for Crockett and Jones, and the directors just said yes.
I think only one guy can rock a huge letter in the middle of an outfit:     Lesser mortal need not try.
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