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I am pretty sure it's Trading post, which is a 2x5 store. If you have time, ask if there are any outlet sale coming up. I was super lucky to be there when they had one, and they had carminas and zonkey boots for between 30-40 thousand yen, but the best was definitely their house brand (trading post by carlos santos). I snagged a balmoral boot for 20.000 yen.If I'm not mistaken, this particular branch is where all the sale last pieces go from all over japan.
Is that a Lady Lobb ?
I hope one day I'll be able to order 3 pairs of shoes that cost upward of a grand to settle a bet.   (Not sarcasm, I really do)
I like the Japanese Sushi Chef look on the 5th row lol
Red and Green shoes on the last two posts. Getting into the Christmas spirit?
Quote: Originally Posted by woolymammoth  John Lobb Madison Avenue 12/07/2012... [[SPOILER]]     I'm confused. Does this pair have working laces AND side gussets?
Dem boots...   The laces on those boots are interesting. Folded leather lace?
I saw some Thierry Mugler suits yesterday, and was wondering if anyone can help. Does anyone know where they are made and if they're any good?
If you want a seamless version of the 1st boot, I think you have to wait until we start genetically engineering boot-shaped cows.
You'll pretty much get charged more if you're buying in dollar, not to mention shipping.
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