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Is that a Lady Lobb ?
I hope one day I'll be able to order 3 pairs of shoes that cost upward of a grand to settle a bet.   (Not sarcasm, I really do)
I like the Japanese Sushi Chef look on the 5th row lol
Red and Green shoes on the last two posts. Getting into the Christmas spirit?
Quote: Originally Posted by woolymammoth  John Lobb Madison Avenue 12/07/2012... [[SPOILER]]     I'm confused. Does this pair have working laces AND side gussets?
Dem boots...   The laces on those boots are interesting. Folded leather lace?
I saw some Thierry Mugler suits yesterday, and was wondering if anyone can help. Does anyone know where they are made and if they're any good?
If you want a seamless version of the 1st boot, I think you have to wait until we start genetically engineering boot-shaped cows.
You'll pretty much get charged more if you're buying in dollar, not to mention shipping.
Maybe in the future you could wrap the trees in cling film before procedures?
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