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bump, still looking for size 43 black mid achilles for under $250 :( cant shell out 300+ for theseee waaah
US 10.5, so SIZE 43 would be best for me? Thanks.
Can anyone find me either a black mid achilles or white achilles low for $250~ and under? Preferably not beat..   also, since a im a 10.5 in most shoes, SIZE 44 EU would be my best bet right? Thanks guys.
SIZE 10.5 IN JORDANS/NIKE 10 IN VANS   WHAT SIZE SHOULD I GET FOR COMMON PROJECTS BLACK MID/ WHITE ACHILLES LOW? 43, or 44? I Have semi wide feet..   while were at it, can anyone find me a pair for $250 and under please.. been looking everywhere, but im not up for paying $300+..
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