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 K&L has one arriving soon, but shipping would be an issue. 
Best place I can think of would be downstairs at Jack Rose, but it's really at the bottom of Adams Morgan rather than 'North Dupont'. 
NYI - I don't think I recall you ever mentioning Bowmore, which would fit this profile, too. Have you tried any of their stuff? If not, the Darkest would probably be a good place to start.
Only if worn over your pants, Batman style.
 Had a single barrel Kilchoman at the Flatiron Room a couple weeks back. Strong peat, but not all that well integrated with other flavors. Didn't appeal to me, but YMMV. 
Only if you give some notes on the Arran Malt Devil's Punchbowl. Is it the I or the II? Saw it in Astor a couple weeks back and was intrigued, having had some good luck with Arran in recent months. In terms of advice, depends which direction you want to go. Looks like you've got a lot of peat and maritime character already. If you want variations on a theme, you could go for more smoke and brine in Port Charlotte, Bowmore, or Longrow. For some brine with less/no...
Dress code? Are we still aiming for black tie?
Gordon and Macphail George and J.G. Smith Glenlivet 21 is excellent. I've had good luck with G+M, the Classic Cask, First Editions, and AD Rattray. Sorry to say that to date I haven't been impressed with the Duncan Taylor stuff, particularly the Dimensions line.
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