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I would have thought the same thing. But with an outfit like St. Crispin's not only willing to do it, but recommending this repair-changes my whole perspective. Do you think a half sole is acceptable only when done at the factory by a high end shoemaker, or is this generally a perfectly good way to resole? Did they explain why they suggested it?
I suppose it depends on how much you spend on your shirts. I gather there are people who pay hundreds of dollars for a shirt, and worry about them being damaged by washing. Each to their own, but for me this misses the value of washable clothing. I send my shirts to a cleaner. Not one that I searched out among dozens of candidates that do custom cleaning. Just a cleaner that picks up, delivers, and has not lost any shirts. They wash and iron these cotton shirts and the...
PB, I completely agree with you about appearance. Plus, leather feels better under foot. But I operate under two sets of rules when spending money. For my family I get the best. This is not necessarily the most expensive, but it can be. For myself when the heart and the wallet conflict over a purchase the wallet wins. Always. Not sure I believe the early deterioration claim for Tops. If that were true then people like Nick would know it. They see lots of shoes with Topys....
Without commenting specifically on any particular maker, can the experts discuss the differences between leather and fiberboard? How do they perform when making shoes? How do they compare for durability? Are they comparable in forming a footbed? Any other differences? One can assume that the people who advocate it are sincere, and just give pros and con's. PB probably speaks for just about all bespoke buyers. But for the rest of the world, does fiberboard have any actual...
chogall, I bet you are right about wet weather. I use Topys to protect soles from abrasion not water. For waterproofing one needs rubber. It is about 80 degrees below subtropical here, so no worries.
Wow! I mean, I would never wear something like that. It would attract too much attention. But WOW
Perhaps the brief life of the finish is part of the appeal. Like the presentation of a meal. The elaborate arrangement of the food will be lost the moment you start eating. From some of the comments, it seems no bespoke or high end RTW maker would consider presenting shoes without finishing the soles. It would be like not polishing them. I would still love to hear Nick on the durability of soles that are always covered with Topys. Do you eventually need to restore the...
Even DW has said that he will machine-stitch the outsole for clients who are that cost conscious. Not many such people buy bespoke shoes, so it rarely comes up. Somewhere in this thread there was an explanation that one can match the holes in the existing welt but still use a machine. In GY welted shoes that B Nelson has done for me the outsole stitching used the existing holes. Apparently this is quite practical if you know what you are doing.
I suppose asking why devote such attention to finishing soles is like asking watchmakers and collectors why they engrave the tiny little parts buried inside the movement. "Wouldn't it keep just as good time without bothering with that?" "Probably, but that is so not the point"
Not trying to start an argument. This really is what it appears to be, a question. Can someone explain this interest in perfectly smooth shiny soles? Aren't they dangerous to walk on until the get scuffed, at which point they no longer look like that? I am pretty sure I have completely missed the point, that happens to me a lot. In this case, what is the appeal? Thanks
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