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Thanks! Interesting thoughts in terms of management and promotions.
Thanks for the responses!   Is being a manager or area manager really complicated? I noticed that many managers are there to do the paperwork on receiving/stock/sales and also sometimes do a little selling. Are there any tips or difficulties about working at more luxury or high end stores I should know about? I currently really enjoy retail and am trying to learn as much tricks as I can  for the future :D
I wish you had some 36R sizes Spoo D: Some of those Brioni ties look really awesome, especially the orange!
If he doesn't live at a dorm, might be hard to constantly meet up. My friend had sex with a chick, brought her back to her dorm, and his girlfriend at the time saw him. Both girls didn't want to have sex with him no more    sex too much -> grades drop 
1. Lake Como, Italy: Just too beautiful and I could eat pasta nonstop in Italy for cheaper prices    2. Nagoya: Cheaper than Tokyo and a family friend lives there.   3. Hong Kong: I love the place and great food!
To OP: If you want to get wasted and have sex every weekend, live/go to campus dorm parties. Transfer or not, just try and hang out at campus dorm parties and you'll start having fun?   I can't wait to graduate from college lol....can actually work full time and make money instead of paying for college.
Majoring in finance at the moment, would like to work with retail fashion...I know right :(  Being a sales associate is pretty fun at the moment, probably because I'm young but it may change. Might look at financial positions for a fashion retail. Gonna continue running my family's investment portfolio, so I don't cry and sweat as much at night 
  May I ask which brand makes the shirt? Love the colors and pattern.   And I love the pairing with the sport coats.
my apologies. Some people wear dress shirts with button down collars. 
Thanks man! i'm so skinny i'm like a high school girl looking to be a model  i like the color!
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