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I have a family/relative gathering to go to, and every year, dad makes us wear navy sportcoats. I have a medium blue linen sportcoat but I don't really want to wear white pants either just because I've worn the combo a bit and I want to try something different.   Any suggestions on pants/denim/slacks colors please?    Thanks! 
Actually yes that is true I forget. Luxoticais like so big and big ._.
I have a pair of Tom Fords I love and have lasted well. But I know they're all from under Luxotica but I'd decide based on the style and look of the glasses not the name. The only sort of brand I admire in terms of quality and price ratio is Dita and Sama. Cartier is simply overpriced in my opinion and niche luxury.
Um definitely solid shirt and maybe midnight blue or navy jacket that is solid? I would want jacket to be the stand out piece not pants.
I would shorten the sleeves. I only have 1 shirt and I found it wider in the shoulders and less slim. I had to get sleeves shortened too.
Yes a suit can be sporty but I feel like none of them are easy to wear well. If the grey and blue pane came with a smoother fabric maybe. No offense but SS ads are just dumb. Bad. And dumb.I mean I'd rather just get them as a jacket because as a suit it's pretty bad. At least as a jacket you can wear different pants. The patterns are just so overwhelming wearing as a suit seems super odd.
I've never been to a wedding but I'd probably wear a solid white dress shirt myself. No pockets, no stripes or anything, just white.
Those pics looks like they're from SuitSupply. No offense but none of them look good. And I don't care for any of them as a suit. With the pattern and the cloth, just seems.....awkward.
I'm guessing you meant first time, but I agree that "beginner" suit buyers should go RTW. There's just so much that can go wrong with MTM. First get a refund. Then scope out if you want to try MTM again but I feel like, unless they're doing like more than 1 fitting, like 2....it just doesn't seem like a good idea to go MTM. Measurements can go wrong, makers of the suit generally not the one measuring. Measuring guy can be new, won't take measurements of small details and...
well I don't know about a kick in the nuts but definitely call him a bastard and storm out of the store like a King.
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