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I mean I think Verst is doing great on Red Bull but he needs some more maturity and experience. But I can see the point where some people can paid a lot more. Mercedes has a car clearly ahead and dominant, they're of course willing to pay a lot for the best driver. Engineers and others though, unfair.
The cava clearly wanted the win much more. KD just didn't take great shots at the end.
 Well he's not wrong. Judging by the mannequin's gold color at the top, it's from a Tom Ford store. Since there are none near you, your best chance is to find out the style somehow, call a store and buy it over the phone. Or try your luck at a Neimans around you.
Christmas miracles do come true. You did it Browns. You did it!!!
Prada probably (definitely) send it to a tailor they use. Bring it to a tailor, some guys here should have some advice. You could post some pics since funky is...I dunno
Best is one that will put a smile on your face for a long time.
Interesting color and I like it actually in the festive times. But yeah jubei said I don't see a need for MTM.
While RogerP's shoes look amazing and really nice, I think your electric navy suede shoes would be more only with lightweight grey like others said or more casual with a blazer/jeans pairing.
 If you don't speak up or ask, the answer is always no, the end result is generally/tends to be 8/10 instead of 10/10. I'm not saying the SP is bad or anything at all, but as a SP myself, advising/offering something cheaper isn't something out of the ordinary.  Just ask for the manager, say you had a little different opinion during the measuring compared to the SP but it went his way. You might not get the refund, but very least there is a chance you get a remake.
I thought it was enjoyable and better than 7. Didn't like the cheesy parts though.
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