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Thank you both for your reply. It has not been cut, but now can I ask what the heck it is? It sure looks like the strings for the pockets and the vents. It was almost snipped but I thought I should find out, and it looks as though I wasn't the only person wondering.
Does anyone have an answer to this silly question?
  Thank you. I'll have to have it remade to get the jacket longer. How much longer do I need to tell them? How much do I tell them to take off the shoulder width? Obviously, my measurements are still the same. The jacket is a little tight in the body, and again, what would I tell them so they make it a little bigger?
I did an indochina suit, shirt and tie. Shirt is unwashed, and I'm afraid as soon as I wash it, it won't fit across the chest.   But what about the suit? Shoulders feel pretty snug but they look like they drape weird from the side.   I am not even to the level of fashion novice, so please, all the advice you can that would be helpful. $75 in tailor credit, what should I have them tweak? Pictures are kind of washed out of detail sorry. If you need better ones, I...
I've read thousands of posts in another Indochino thread that has over 150 pages. It starts years ago, and is still active. After hours of reading... what do I need to tweak on the "new" versus the "old" ordering method if I wanted to order today?   Do any of my measurements need tweaked? As far as I can tell, here is what I should request outside of the ordering system on the "new" system:   Request high arm holes Lower the button stance   Is there...
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