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Thanks, JDMillis. I had the hem lengthened and looks a lot better now. Right now, I’m also having the hips taken out. From what I saw, there was a little over 1/2 inch available on each outer seam. Do you think this would be enough?   I guess if it fails, I’ll have to take out the back seam. When you say, “waist,” do you mean the general waist/hip area or the top waist band? The waist band fits perfect and on par with my other trousers, so I was curious.
Would letting out the outer seam along the hip/upper thigh do the trick?
I'm looking for this Muji French Linen Trouser in size S, beige. Apparently it is/was sold in the EU.   http://www.muji.net/store/cmdty/detail/4548718971343
Hi, I'm looking for a new/almost new pair of Allen Edmonds Black Avenue 8D (black) shoes shippable to Japan.   Thanks, Kyle
Any idea on solution? I thought it was the taper, too, but in the original length, they fell on the shoe and didn't flare.   If lengthening is the solution, how much do you think I should lengthen it?
I had some trousers shortened, but maybe a little too much? The outer seam doesn't fall on the shoe but away from it. What's the problem and how could this be fixed?    Front       Side   Original Length
Quote for Black Calf Park Ave 8D to Japan please.
The picture was pre-steamed. Even if I straightened out shoulders, there was still a weird drape. I tried steaming just the arms and it seemed to help. Have to find a place a properly press it now. Thanks, Despos.
Any idea on what's going on with the left arm near my armpit? Sleeve pitch issue?    
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