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Kick-ass! :) Thanks for the cheerup!
Running up on 15 weeks since I ordered a moto and a peacoat(5th Sep.). Anyone ordering at the start of September that has gotten theirs yet? The wait is almost unbearable!
Got this one! Really pleased with...
The goat is more rough and textured then calf? 
That may be right. What about the leather in 2011 ed. then?  : )
I'm about to order the 2010 Moto, but i wonder what leather I should use? I would like a rough/rugged/vintage look, and not too shiny. What do you guys suggest?   Steffen
Thanks for the TOJ suggestion. Really liked the Moto one. Do you think I will be able to get the 2010 version. I think it looks better without the details in the ends. 
Thanks a lot! The first one there was cool. I will maybe wait then, and browse for my old jacket in the meantime. Do you think the Levi's jacket would be found anywhere?    Edit: And btw, do you understand japanese? :)   Edit: What do you think of this one?     Will it look really shiny?...
Well. Under 700$ would be appreciated. Thanks for the suggestions. Any online retailer that has these brands? 
No idea. Woke up to an inferno in the livingroom. Probably some electricity problem. Check your fire safety people!
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