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Can you wear Corduroy pants with Corduroy shirt? lol   i have Corduroy black pants, can i wear Burgundy Corduroy shirt with that?
i thought this forum is
if you look closely into the inside of the jacket you can see a tag with a bird of whatever in it....that might give you an idea what it can be
lol to topic guys   does anyone know which designer? you can see the tag or whatever inside his jacket...   anyone who know will get cookie from me
No asked you your taste i jutted asked you whether you the designer or no...I think it looks amazing
I love it! i just don't know it's made by can see the logo inside the blazer but it's not clear....does anyone know which designer is this?  
thanks for your reply.   i'm going to visit a store for sure but i rather take advices from here first.I learnt my lesson years ago that each brand has its own people.i wear ENERGIE jeans because i love the brand but because they fit me very well and the default length size is always 34, i understand why many people will find this a problem because they are not tall.The brand is not for you.   more replies are appreciated.
I usually wear Topman trousers, shirts and sometimes suits to work.   my TOPMAN size:   Shirts: M   Smart Trousers: Slim trousers 34L ( i wear 32 jeans but for smart trousers i choose 34 because i use belt and it's much comfortable for work)   Suits: 38 slim suits for skinny blazers i buy size 40.     However, i want to switch to a much better quality brand and i chose BURBERRY.But i want to understand the sizes of the brand before i try...
what do you mean "Yes."? lol
Black,Brown or white?
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