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  These are a dandy right here! How/where were you able to run into a pair of these??
Though it is not a "wear" but you do wear it...   I would have to argue Armani Collection of cologne's, especially Armani Code Black. Look at the number of other "XX - Code" and "XX - Black" that have been released since the popularity of theirs.   Though you may not have it in your closet/bathroom, most men had it there at one time (AND it's a great fall back!!). In addition, I can guess those that quote-unquote don't have it, still have some in their grasp....
Hello All,   SoHighSoFly here!! Just wanted to intro myself, lurked around for a couple years, but finally figured I need to join the convo!!   Fave's include:   Levi's Orvis catalog CK suits Allen Edmonds Jordan shoes (classics and team shoes, not streetwear or "Jordan brand") Danner Boots
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