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Not entirely true...still finding, seemingly returned, items posting on the US site occasionally. It seems that these items are available for about a day and then removed from inventory but I have successfully purchased a few things since the sale page was taken down by checking my wishlist and a few other links to the sale I have saved, but at the moment it looks like they just did a sweep and removed the inventory so there isn't much atm, seems to be occurring daily...
nice, thanks for confirming that
Here is something extra for all you regular customers at Très Bien. We are about to cut all summer sale prices even lower with an extra 15%. Use the code below before the end of July 16 when checking out to gain that extra discount on all items on sale. The extra 15% will be deducted from the sale prices. Code: TKNW51R7 Très Bien
Porter Drop
Is that code for the corner/yoox working for anyone?
Not a lot of new markdowns on PS stuff but just a reminder that the PS code is still valid at TheCorner
I usually find the quality to be comparable to, if not better than, APC. The two brands have certain similarities for me - simple, clean, slim cuts and an overall lack of branding on items but the price point and limited distribution makes COS more appealing.
I should have known...
CPs in 42 http://www.mrporter.com/product/166588
Wish these were my size. 80% off UK 7 edit: GONE http://www.mrporter.com/am/product/166312
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