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Thanks Despos.  It's an Indochino...should I send it back for a remake or is this something I can have done by a local tailor?  I noticed one more thing.  I asked for high armholes and I don't think they gave them to me.  Although they are higher than my other suits.
Hello Tailors.  I'm looking for advice on my first made-to-measure suit.  I apologize for the poor photographs (partly due to my wife, but don't tell her that...and partly due to the poor camera on the phone). Also, please note that the suit was just taken out of the box when the pictures were taken. There seems to be enough room in coat, but I admittedly do not have a sartorial eye.  Please do what you can with the poor quality of the photographs.  I do plan to see a...
I have a question for those that have ordered a suit.  I recently purchased the Daily Hookup deal.  I picked up the Essential Charcoal suit as that is the one suit color I do not have.  At first I was considering a burgundy or deep purple liner, but have read that the lining shows in the sleeves (somewhere in this forum) from time to time.  For those that have an essential suit, your thoughts?   Also, I've thought about doing contrasting buttonholes.  If I were to do...
No worries.  I know it's not the best, but again, we all need to start somewhere. It does fit me extremely well though.
I thought I did pretty good for someone just starting out.  I needed a navy blazer and the BB 346 should fit the bill until I find something to replace it. I know it's not as good as the main line BB stuff, but it will work for now.
Just wanted to say thanks for the NoVA suggestions today.  I ended up heading to the Seven Corners Goodwill and scored:   -Brooks Brothers 346 3 button coat -2 Ties (Tommy Hilfiger and Izod) -Izod Button Down Collar Shirt -Jhane Barnes Shirt -Jos. A. Banks Sport Coat   The BB 346 appears to be a blue blazer (metal buttons with the "golden fleece" imprint), but I couldn't find a 3 button blazer on their site, so not sure what to think. I thought all...
Thanks petitnoblesse, I'll check them out.  We're new to the area and it's nice to have a starting point.
Any recommendations on where to go in the NoVa area? I need to build my wardrobe up, especially my shirts.
@KO, lol...was unsure how they have their business name set.  I'm thinking I'll wait on E-A.  TBH, I'm leaning more and more towards Indochino...this deal sure looks pretty sweet:   http://www.thedailyhookup.com/national/deal/suit-up-40-off-custom-suit-a-shirt-and-tie   I'm thinking I might have a tailor do the measurements.  At $320, I don't see any issue other than having to wait.
Yes, new job requires a suit every day.  Went to a Brooks Brothers outlet store today and tried on a "346".  Seemed to fit me well and was decent for the price ($350).  I know it's not on the level of the 1818 (according to what I've read), but it seems like it might be a decent suit for my budget.  Saks Off 5th didn't have anything I couldn't live without.  For the price, the Saks Black Label didn't seem to have the quality of the 346.   Also went to another Jos. A....
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