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In NoVa, I've been satisfied with Best Tailoring.  Fairly well recommended on Yelp, great service and friendly people.  I've taken one suit there and was measured for an Indochino suit (trial run)...happy with the results.  As I understand he also does bespoke.  Saw the owner of a local sports team there, don't know which one (not the Skins or Nationals), fwiw.   9126 Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22031(703) 641-9333
Northern Virginia can be such a cruel mistress.  First shop I went to today had several suits that I liked (not grails by any stretch, but decent enough for someone starting to build a wardrobe), all the coats fit wonderful, the pants...not so much.  On to the next shop, I found several Brooks Brothers 1818 orphans and this orphan:             The coat fit me like a glove.  Wonderful cloth and high armholes to boot! I couldn't find a thing wrong with...
With a haircut like that, must be Aviation branch.  ;)   (I kid.)   Anyway, thanks for your service.   rltw, J.
I noticed the shirt/pants/buckle line myself. For what it's worth, it drives me crazy too....unfortunately a victim of time as it's Halloween and there are more important things to attend to other than posing for a camera. 
Dear Tailors,   I have a quick fit request on my first (well, second since it's a re-make) MTM shirt.  I requested a re-make because the sleeves were obviously too long.  When I went to my tailor for measurements for my suit, I brought the suit and he recommended taking 2" off the sleeves. When I received my re-make, at first I thought the sleeves were way too short.  I've tried the shirt on two more times since then and now I'm not so sure.  I'm used to wearing OTR...
What's the opinion here on Faconnable and Breuer ties? Found these ties yesterday at a local place and I'm still relatively new to SF.          
  Sorry to hear for your loss.  I had to do the same thing a few years ago.  It wasn't easy and it still stings all these years later.  
In another thread, someone mentioned a Chinese holiday from 1 to 7 October.  I submitted my remake request and was told October 30th.  I'm not thrilled as I think it should take less than 30 days (I submitted 09/30/12) and a little more upset knowing that someone else has a quicker ship date than I.  Then again, I'm having the shirt/coat/pants all remade.  A fun and interesting experience, but I'm not sure I'd do it again.
Oh no, very much the right thread for me.  Definitely not allergic to thrift items.  I've become somewhat addicted to thrifting myself.  My finds haven't been noteworthy at all, but they have allowed me to build somewhat of a professional wardrobe on the cheap at a time when I needed it.  Before I read this thread and Styleforum in general...Jos A. Banks was what I was being pushed towards for new suits.  Since then I was able to pick up a Brooks Brothers Suit, relatively...
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