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I'll bump/necro for this. I used to use Best Tailoring in Vienna, VA and really need a tailor here.
So for posterity, I thought I'd report back on my trip to Phoenix. Talk about a barren wasteland of Botany 500, Van Heusen and Jones of New York.  I had absolutely awful luck until the last day. Epic Thrift wasn't. Although to be fair, the sales person said they had a huge sale the day before. I also only buy what fits, having no eBay acumen whatsoever.   I had my best luck at the last two Goodwills I visited. I ended the week with shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt, William...
@Nataku: Thanks I'll check it out tomorrow and report back.
In town for the Super Bowl, any recommendations from our local Phoenix folk on good thrifting spots?
I have a pair of Johnston and Murphy Cellini (size 11M) shoes, if someone is interested.  According to the sole, they're made in Italy.  Turned out to be way too big for me, but they're in phenomenal shape.  Also looking for a decent pair of brown dress shoes (around size 10, give or take the wear in the shoe and the style) if anyone has turned something up lately.     [[SPOILER]] -J
Had a good day yesterday...found two Canali suits and a pair of J&M Cellini shoes.  Generally, I only thrift for my size, as I'm not an ebay/flipper type of person...just don't have the time.  However, based on some feedback here, I figured someone might be interested in the second suit I found. This suit appears to be a US 44 (as someone mentioned earlier in this thread when I debated picking it up), pick stitching, surgeon's cuffs, dual vents, working boutonniere,...
I am currently at a thrift store and found a Canali, dual vent, surgeon's cuffs...but the tag in the pocket says it is a 54 7 L, whatever that means. I'm a 40r generally and I drown in it unfortunately. I normally only shop for my size, but will consider picking it up if someone wants it in trade...not sure if the size would sell on ebay. No issues or blemishes that I can see...I'd have no problem buying and wearing if it fit.
Wow, this thread sure moves.  Thanks for all the advice, I'm still fairly new at this.  For $2 I figured the Dior shirt was worth a fling. Same with the Hennessy.  I'm a bit surprised by the dislike for Pink.  I figured the general thoughts on Pink shirts were fairly positive.   @Barrelntrigger: PM sent back.
@Pnutpug: Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately the coat's a bit to long and would need to be redone.  Not interested in flipping.  I'll either bite the bullet and have it tailor to a 40R or see if I can trade it here.   @Deadboy: Tried to get the spoilers to work, but couldn't figure out how to add the pictures within the spoilered portion.  I'll have to learn that.
I have a few finds that I have some questions on. I picked up two suits that I thought, initially, fit me.  Unfortunately, one is a 40L that would cost about $155 to tailor to me.  The coat on the other suit fit, but the pants needed some letting out.  Unfortunately, when I was at my tailor, we found a patched hole that would be exposed.  I'm still considering getting suit #1 done, but wanted to get some advice from the forum here.  Also picked up a supposed "Christian...
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