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 Like I said, I'm new to the boot scene. If I could get something similar to Chester, I'll never ever wanna get the bates. I know there's definitely some other boot maker who did the same style, that's why I need help from everyone here to enlighten my boot search.
I'm interested on getting Dr. Marten Chester but it seems like it's sold out everywhere. I'm new to the boot scene so I could not tell the type of boot dr. marten chester is. after some random search on amazon, I found that bates lites 6" chukka looks alike dr. marten chester. After reading reviews of bates, I found out that the sole is wearing out too soon. I know clarks desert mali looks like it as well but I prefer the gloss leather finishing and I already own 1 pair...
Anyone bought anything from martens shoes outlet before? I'm looking for Chester polished black and it seems to sold out everywhere besides this site. Is this legit? Or is there any similar style boot from another brand? Please recommend. Thanks.
  thanks for you prompt reply... appreciate your help.
just received my desert mali beeswax. should i apply a layer of mink oil before wear? or should i wait for a week or two? any tips on taking care of beeswax leather?
do cultizm gives out discount code for birthday special?
  thanks for all the great info!
any discount code for Urban Outfitters?
  thanks for the reply.
i would want to get beeswax desert mali but only 8.5us available at the moment. I've tried on desert boot in size 8.5us, the length is fine but the width seems kinda snug. Just would want to know whether do beeswax stretch? I'm pretty stuck here whether should i get it. btw, I'm size 9 for chuck taylor all star.
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