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      Only difference is I added a watch after the photo.
Has anyone here bought the blazer (or know someone who has) from Peter Manning?   How's the quality?   Thank you   (http://www.petermanningnyc.com)   *I'm a smaller guy who is too big for children's clothes and too small for most men's clothes.   Also, what's your opinion on the blazer itself? Should this be in its own thread?
  Thetiebar.com has some decent ties and the prices are great, too.
Can anyone point me towards a good cotton chino belt (various colors)?   Thank you!
Michael,   I understand how frustrating it can be, but you should keep in mind that people come here because you guys are awesome at this stuff. A style idiot like me comes here for advice and guidance from stylish, well put together gentlemen (probably like yourself). I strive to look my best as much as possible, but sometimes I just don't know what works.   Thanks again for the help! 
Mimo,   Excellent response. Much appreciated.  
What I really meant was, will these go well with chinos and/or trousers/dress pants. Sorry for the confusion.   Thank you for your well thought out response!   Just for your information, though:   When there are major clients coming, we wear suits. On typical days, most people get away with chinos/dress pants/collared shirts/nice shoes, although some still wear suits.
*collared shirt   The dress code is basically look nice because clients will be passing through. Nothing is explicitly stated. We can't walk around in t shirts and shorts, but suits aren't necessarily required, either.
chinos/slacks and *collared shirt with tie for work shoes?  
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