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Yea, not OK with that. I will pass. :)
  I only ask because I don't always have a good eye for fashion/style, but I do care about it. A friend told me that without cuffing/tucking the jeans in, these would look really dumb. I like getting multiple opinions before I form my own about certain things (fashion being one of them). Thank you for replying! 
Hey all,   Could these be worn with uncuffed, untucked jeans (just let the jeans come over the top), or is that a big no no?   Thank you!      
 I guess next time I'll just make a new thread and add to the 100000 redundant ones here.  Thanks. Neon tank it is. 
Weird, on a different forum, someone said these shoes are the OPPOSITE of what you should wear with black jeans. I'm confused. Argghhh!
just wanted to revive this by expanding the question to include shoes/boots/whatever.    Street style/casual mostly. Looking for color and shoe type suggestions. I have never been able to successfully pull off black jeans. I was told black boots work well, but when I try that, I look off. It almost gives me a militant vibe... or like I'm trying to be dressy. Maybe it's just the type of boot. I'm not sure.   Is something like this way off the mark? 
Hey all,   Quick question:   Would these brown Allen Edmonds go with a darker charcoal suit?   Thanks so much!   http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF8808_1_40000000001_-1     I've been asking around and I've gotten very mixed reviews. The suit is a darker charcoal. 
My.Suit or Suitsupply is what I'm hearing. Which one would you guys suggest for a custom suit in Manhattan?
Hello there everyone,   I'm looking to purchase a custom suit in Manhattan and I hear that Suitsupply is the way to go. I did a quick search on this website and found some random things about it, but I was wondering what some of you thought. For the price (1-1500) is this a good place to get a custom suit?   I'm looking to make this a go-to suit, so charcoal is probably my best bet, correct?    Thanks for your time!
I'm thinking more of a casual look. Untucked button down oxford, or a sweater with jeans.   If I get these my plan is to make them snow-proof with leather conditioner and wear them on milder winter days.
New Posts  All Forums: